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  1. Thank for the help Tom, but no it was a different thread.
  2. There was a thread discussing wide-angle lenses when paired with high megapixel count cameras. Does anybody know what happened to it?
  3. Hi Chris, I am aware of some of these discussions and I am also aware of some debunking them. We have to keep in mind, that even the old lenses available today were designed for film "resolution" A good quality film photo, still holds more data than the top line of digital full frame cameras. We know that not all lenses are made equal, but I can't recall ever hearing in the film days that soft corners were blamed on film having too much resolution power.
  4. I must say I am still a bit baffled as to why the high megapixels of the D850 is considered to be part of the problem when discussing soft corners. Does the various dome port theories not deal with the curvature of the dome, the way the light rays bends through the dome glass and how wide the lens being used behind the dome are? To the best of my knowledge, none of the theories state that the light will bend differently depending on the megapixels of the camera. Alternatively, if considering that the 14-24mm paired with the D850 delivers beautiful results topside, but not underwater surely we can agree that what has changed in the equation is not the megapixel count going from topside to underwater, but the fact that the 14-24mm is now behind a dome port.
  5. Thanks for posting Adam, I can see that the Z330 has less fall off, but oddly looking at the two photos the one shot with the Z240 looks brighter in the center.
  6. Sad and confusing news indeed. I was also nearing placing an order for an ND850, but would not do so until I have crystal clarity on what all this means for Subal owners. It does make sense that the main Subal office should be located at a location easier to access and one wonders why this was not done a long time ago. Hopefully, another lesson will be learned from all this. In the current market, it's crucial to have great PR and communicate effectively with your market. Sadly from my experience, Subal lacks in this department and I can only hope that they will address it asap.
  7. Seeing that Instagram is very much a visual based platform, as a visual artist, I love it. My feed can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/geo_cloete/?hl=en Drop by, I am sure you will like it.
  8. Hi, I am interested in the one strobe, sending a PM.
  9. I think the battery power usage for the new Inon Z330 strobes will be very similar to what the battery usage of the Z240 was. The reason being that the power gain is most likely gain through the use of the Fresnel lenses. In fact, I would guess that for the Z330 set to match the same power output as on the Inon Z240, we will most likely see the batteries lasting longer.
  10. Which port is that and is it the type 3 or 4 version?
  11. I also don't like them in general. The times when they add true value to the photo as few and far in between. So not a total no go, but if its gonna be used, use it like a real tool and not only rely on the obvious as it gives a gimmicky impress imho.
  12. Surely there must be some data available on where these tubes can be bought?
  13. Hi Adam, to the best of my knowledge, great performance in capturing dynamic range is part of what makes up that score, so surely it uw photographers would benefit from it?
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