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  1. Hi Cerich, I have seen some in-house testing and from what I saw, I would say wait until these test results get released. I was also concerned about the colour temperature but feel much better after seeing those results. In short, it seems there is plenty of inaccurate claims by manufacturers as to what the colour temperature of their strobes is.
  2. I agree. Personally, I love to use a smaller-size strobe when shooting macro. The local reefs are densely populated and a smaller gear footprint makes it possible to get closer to subjects. A smaller footprint strobe with a good GN factor makes for a desirable strobe when traveling and space/weight is of utmost limitation. When shooting wide angle and I can have a stronger GN strobe with me, I am happy to make the effort to carry the bigger strobes.
  3. I will suggest having a closer look into the world of advertising and leaving it at that.
  4. I would think where the user shoots only macro, wide-angle or both would be a bigger decision maker.
  5. I think you are jumping to a wrongful conclusion. In this day and age using 3D renderings as marketing material is a well-established option to use if so desired. Using 3D renderings by no means directly concludes that no prototype(s) exist.
  6. When I followed the links, there is no photo for the 44 yet. Comparing the 22 and the 33 my guess is to agree with Glasseye Snapper that at minimum the difference will be in size and light output strength. Seeing that Marelux has now made a solo announcement for Apollo 33 and that it can be pre-ordered, I would also guess that the decision was made to first focus on this model. So I don't think all three models will come to the market at the same time.
  7. Hi Phil, what is your understanding of what MTL will be? I truly hope that the wireless triggering works like a charm and does not require a direct line of sight. It would be a major leap forward if we are no longer restricted by having to use synch or fiber optic cords.
  8. Hi Chris, That was my first reaction as well, but then from testing results, I have seen using an accurate light meter which reads both the strength and color temperature of the light I was beyond surprised at that actual data compared to that list by manufacturers. Having seen that, I no longer think that my initial reaction/thought was an accurate one.
  9. Some more information on the soon-to-be-released Marelux Strobe is now available. The specifications are looking promising. Marelux Apollo GN33 strobe is now available for pre-orders. With multiple patented designs, including wireless flash signal transmiting system.The estimated delivery date is at the end of August or early September. Marelux Apollo 33 specs: 1.Support TTL, olympus RC, HSS, 2.With a special designed MTL mode, support continuous flashes. 3.With 2 fisheye wireless signal sensor units. plus one fiber port, sensor coverage 160 °. Wireless trigger supports M, MTL, HSS modes. TTL needs fiber. 4.GN33 (tested on land) 5.Scattering angle 110 ° (under water) 6.Temp 6200k, 7.With dome diffuser,scattering angle 140 °,Temp 5500k 8.Full power recycle time 0.6 second 9.Max diameter 90mm, length of main body 150mm, length including knobs 177mm. 10.Weight on land 960 grams (without battery,with ball mount),1095 grams with 3x18650 batteries. 11.Weight in water 125 grams (including 3x18650 batteries, including ball mount) 12.Battery : 3x18650 lithium batteries. 135 grams total. 13.Water proof battery chamber 14.Full power flash : around 1000 times 15.With 2 aiming light colors, 250 lumen on white,300 lumen on red
  10. Thank for the help Tom, but no it was a different thread.
  11. There was a thread discussing wide-angle lenses when paired with high megapixel count cameras. Does anybody know what happened to it?
  12. Hi Chris, I am aware of some of these discussions and I am also aware of some debunking them. We have to keep in mind, that even the old lenses available today were designed for film "resolution" A good quality film photo, still holds more data than the top line of digital full frame cameras. We know that not all lenses are made equal, but I can't recall ever hearing in the film days that soft corners were blamed on film having too much resolution power.
  13. I must say I am still a bit baffled as to why the high megapixels of the D850 is considered to be part of the problem when discussing soft corners. Does the various dome port theories not deal with the curvature of the dome, the way the light rays bends through the dome glass and how wide the lens being used behind the dome are? To the best of my knowledge, none of the theories state that the light will bend differently depending on the megapixels of the camera. Alternatively, if considering that the 14-24mm paired with the D850 delivers beautiful results topside, but not underwater surely we can agree that what has changed in the equation is not the megapixel count going from topside to underwater, but the fact that the 14-24mm is now behind a dome port.
  14. Thanks for posting Adam, I can see that the Z330 has less fall off, but oddly looking at the two photos the one shot with the Z240 looks brighter in the center.
  15. Sad and confusing news indeed. I was also nearing placing an order for an ND850, but would not do so until I have crystal clarity on what all this means for Subal owners. It does make sense that the main Subal office should be located at a location easier to access and one wonders why this was not done a long time ago. Hopefully, another lesson will be learned from all this. In the current market, it's crucial to have great PR and communicate effectively with your market. Sadly from my experience, Subal lacks in this department and I can only hope that they will address it asap.
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