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  1. Ha, I had to go look to make sure, but yep I still have them.
  2. Just clearing out some space in my dive locker and getting rid of a couple lenses, so don't need the rings anymore. $100 each. I'm also selling the lenses on Craigslist, but would obviously accept offers here. https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/pho/d/tokinaf4-ifdx/6748490410.html https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/pho/d/canon-efis-usm/6748492707.html
  3. I had not seen that one, but it's the same price as the DeepPro and appears to have a proprietary monitor connection. I want to keep using my existing external monitor. Do you have one of these for sale?
  4. I've been using my 5DmkIII in a Nauticam housing with external monitor mounted to a scooter to shoot video, but would like to reduce the size and complexity. I've determined a Hero3 will give me sufficient quality if enough light is available, and I use two Bigblue 30,000 lumen lights in dark water. AFAIK, the DeepPro is the only GoPro housing supporting bulkheads for HDMI port (or leak sensor, etc). If you have a DeepPro or similar dedicated video setup that has or supports an HDMI bulkhead for external monitor, let me know!
  5. No takers? Okay, how about $1350 each or $2500 for both, plus shipping.
  6. But wait! There's more! I also have these custom neoprene covers I'll throw in for free.
  7. Selling my two Aquavolt 7000 lights because I need canister-style lights, instead. I'm the original owner and purchased these new about a year ago. I've used them on about 20 dives and kept the batteries well-maintained. Each light comes with all original parts: case, manual, battery, charger, etc. There are some light scratches around the edges, which are pretty hard to avoid when you have to hand your camera to someone as you climb back aboard a busy boat, but overall they're in excellent condition. I've had no problems with them at all. They retail for $1999. I'm selling for $1500 each or $2800 for both, plus shipping. Here are two examples of me using them for macro and wide angle in dark water.
  8. Whoops, forgot to close the thread. The gear is now sold!
  9. To follow up on this, I added the 10mm extension ring, and that fixed my focus problem. The Nauticam port chart recommends either a 4.3" or 8.5" dome. I've got a 10" dome that I haven't used in years because the 4.3" creates less drag when mounted to the scooter. The video I shot after adding the ring was nice and crisp, though, so I think the 15mm works pretty well with the 4.3" dome. In the PNW, our waters are usually murky, which necessitates getting pretty close to the subject. At those distances, I find manual focus a lot easier, especially when combined with the focus assist mode of the SmallHD monitor.
  10. Hey AzNativ1, it seems I've been shooting my 5D exclusively and there are some lenses I'd like to get, so selling the T2i setup makes sense. PM me if you're still interested and let me know where you're located.
  11. Awesome, thanks for the links. I'll be ordering a 10mm extension ring tomorrow!
  12. Ha, that's hilarious. I'm a long-time technical guy (computers), but haven't had time to really dig into the technical details of photography, and I'm pretty much still winging it. I'm hoping to have more free time this year and change that, though.
  13. I'm usually using this lens for video, and I always manually focus video since the continuous focus on most DSLRs is slow. I've got a SmallHD external monitor with focus assist that helps, too. But even when using auto-focus and getting the "green box" focus confirmation, the video will still be out of focus. So I'm thinking you're right about moving the dome out. I've never had this problem with other cameras/lenses/ports, but this is the only lens where I'm not following the manufacturer's recommendation.
  14. I'm using a Sigma 15mm F2.8 EX DG with a Canon 5D in a Nauticam housing with a 4.3" dome and am having problems getting it to focus, auto or manual. The Nauticam chart recommends a 10mm extension, which I always assumed was just to prevent the lens sunshade from hitting the dome; I cut off the sunshade, so I'm not using an extension. I've also read of using a 1.4 extender, which I don't know anything about. Does anyone have experience with this same setup and knows exactly what's required? Thanks!
  15. I still have it, but was never selling any ports because I can use them with my 5D housing. Since I've had both setups for several months now, I'm going to just keep the 550D housing. I have a few lenses that don't work with the 5D, so I still use the T2i for certain types of work.
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