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  1. Thanks for the quick action. The things going around now are very alarming.
  2. juliearismendi


    I was just sent a message via your site by "Seanettle" "mignulikz" which brought up a sex site. Do you allow this kind of stuff on your site???@!! I do not want to be contacted again by these people, please ban them from using your site as an outlet.
  3. Does anyone know when anyone beside Ikelite is coming out w/a housing for the Rebel XT?
  4. Thanks, would it be useful for anything else? Above water or course.
  5. Hey, I have looked at the Sigma 15-30, am new to u/w photog and have the Rebel xt which hopefully someone will have a variety of housings out for in the near future. Would this lens be useful u/water?
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