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  1. All of the lights are custom made or modified for us by Veli Elomaa from Scubamafia.com. Most of the models are now in production range. It's very nice to have own light wizard in team. I'v been playing wit Magic Lantern but the RAW hack seem to be yet too unstable for us. But definately in future we'll use it. I'v always struggled with the noise since there is so much dark areas in our footage where it appears. Aquatica clip wasn't denoised since we were in a hurry to launch it before DEMA.
  2. Hi Our trip was organized with very short notice, and MK5D housings were all out of stock at the time, since it was just launched. So we got two proto housings kindly from Aquatica for the trip. This is how showed our gratitude, since we could have not film the material without them. Janne
  3. Hi We started a cave diving project last september in France. Our aim to show non-divers or non cave divers why we do it. Not the most simplest task but we'll try our best. Filmings are continuing in coming september. https://vimeo.com/53347589 Br, Janne
  4. Hello from Finland My name is Janne Suhonen and I represent "Divers of the Dark"-group. We'r specialized in filming total darkness, mainly in caves, flooded mines and deep wrecks. We started in 2008 making a book about Molnar Janos-cave underneath city of Budabest in Hungary. Since then we'v moved also into video filming in our ongoing documentary projects about cave diving and wartime history in Baltic sea. Pictures and videos can be viewed from our web pages. I'll try to post some of clips into "Video and Film"-section(I'm not much of nerd..). www.diversofthedark.com We'v always used Aquatica housings through Canon's EOS 5D range from 5D to 5DMk3. Before we used HID lights but due the limitations of them we moved to LED's. Main issues were reliability and burn times. Now we use custom made lights for us by our team member Veli Elomaa from Scubamafia.com. Most of the lamps we use have gone also to production range. Goes without saying, that it is fortune have light wizard in our team. Br, Janne
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