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  1. Thank you for the reply; I was contacted locally, have purchased the converter, and am no longer looking.
  2. Not sure if I should close the thread; I bought the housing from Mark, and am no longer looking.
  3. I succeeded in finding an MDX-700 for my D700, now I'd like to find the adapter so I can use my YS120 Duo strobes. If you have one you are looking to sell, please let me know. Cheers, P
  4. Yes, yes I do. Sorry for the delay; I've not checked this site in a while.
  5. I have a full Sea&Sea set for a Nikon F100 but no longer have the camera; I now run a D700. I am looking for an MDX-700 PRO, since I have all the ports, but would also consider a Nauticam since they make an adapter for S&S ports. Anyone have a line on one? Cheers, Paul
  6. Greetings from Japan, everyone. My name is Paul, and I'm a former scuba instructor/long time diver, living and teaching at an international school in Tokyo. I've also been a photographer since the late '80s. You can see photos I've taken here: http://fradale.net/La_Dolce_Vita/Photo_Albums.html I had a Nikon F100 with a full Sea&Sea housing but now run a D700, and am looking for a used MDX-700 PRO or, failing that, a Nauticam AD700, so I can use all the ports I have left from the F100 housing. Looking around the site, there are some amazing photographers here; I'll be going to Okinawa in December, so I hope to be able to add some photos when I'm done!
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