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  1. 1) you need a step up adaptor for m52/m67 to mount the uwl-04 directly on your m67 port, ad port is not necessary. 2) you will somehow need to zoom in the optical lens. 3) zoom in is necessary. 4) since most of the wetlens comes with m67 thread, don't think it is necessery to get an AD port for your case. 5) if you love micro photography, you may get another piece of ucl 165 and stack together with your current ucl165 for closer photography with further distance, if you havent get any closeup lens yet, other alternative would be subsee +10 or +5 which are highly recommended. While for wide angle lens, uwl-04 is good enough for ur camera now. And it's cheaper than you get the other. All the answers above are based on my personal experience. Hope it helps
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