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  1. All cables if it is a good price, with the arms on the left and that port, how mutch?
  2. 5505.46 will it fit the Nikon 105mm macro? Just checking the price, im not shure if I have the money for that right now. The cables and arm i need more.
  3. Ok, im interested in the cables and the arm to the left. Price? The smaller arm on the right is for focuslight... Something? I DKK så kan jag räkna om till Svenska, tack!
  4. Looking for Two Strobes Coiled "Y" TTL cord #4103.52 And shipping to Sweden, please.
  5. Ah, and when Reading your post again I do understand that the cords are extra (on the side)?
  6. Oh, and the cords don´t fit my Ikelite housing, correct? And the total price whitout the cords?
  7. Still for sale? Possible to check shipping to Sweden?
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