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    Selling my housing for canon 7D. Including Nauticam vacuum check Changed trigger leverage. One small leek BEFORE installing Vacuum check, after never happened again. Shipping from Guernsey Channel Island PRICE-£850 If interesting send me a msg and I will send You photos.
  2. Prize dropped. Ask for more information.
  3. Still aviable Housing Zoom gears Arms & clamps Lens Extension ring Possible prize drop for multiple buys.
  4. Still aviable Housing Extension ring Optic cables Both zooming gears Arms and clamps
  6. Hi Nojet. Still have it.
  7. Hi guys. Selling my kit due to lack of use. Prefer to sell as a whole however if you want just some items just drop me a message. Kit contain Nauticam Housing NA-7D (including Nauticam VACUM check) --£1300 Nauticam Acrilyc dome port 8.5" -£350 Extension ring 70mm with lock -£175 Macro Port 94 for 100mm macro lens £200 Sea & Sea strobe YS-110a £150 Sea & Sea YS-D1 £200 3 optic cabels-2x Nauticam to Sae&Sea £50 each 1x Sea&Sea Nauticam Zoom gear-C1635II-Z £80 -TC1017-Z £80 Arms5x(various size) and clamps-6X complet-£140 Lens Tokina 10-17 F3.5-4.5 DX £175 Complet sell for 2700. In case if you want to buy more item then 1 drop me a message. There is always possibility for bargaining Also missing most of the boxes however will pack properly to make sure post not damage anything. Forget to mention I am based on Guernsey so FREE postage to UK othervise it will be small charge for post. SORRY
  8. Hi, do you still have 20mm extension ring with lock?
  9. Hi, do you still have that 20mm extension tube, also does it have a lock or not?
  10. Hi to everybody. I am looking to buy floating arms for NAUTICAM NA-7D, 8.5 dome port wt 16-35 lens. 2 strobes I need to order it on line so not fancy to waste a money for returning by post. Anybody using similar setting g and can give advice. Thanx a lot.
  11. Well I am living here for 7 month and keep ordering everything online. It is cheeper and take same time for delivery. Shops don't keep anything in stock and have to order on request. (Well they may keep a bit in stock)
  12. Thanx guys. That is my problem. Over here (Dubai) did not find dealer for Pelican case so far and shipping from somewhere is go na be quite expensive. However you saying is the best get 2 or 3 different sizes and pack for a trip It actualy make a sense. I will have a look in all she's again. One more time Thank you.
  13. Hi all. Looking to buy a hard shell case for my rig. What brand are you using and more important what size? Thanx
  14. That Zen optical glass is gonna fit to Nauticam housing? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  15. If anybody want to sell NAUTICAM 8.5in dome port, 70mm extension ring and focusing gear for Canon 16 - 35 mm mark II. Please send me a message Thank Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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