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  1. I am slowly gathering equipment to take my Canon 6D underwater. I am acquiring all Ikelite products (housing, strobes, arms, ports etc) and I have no idea what kind buoyancy this rig would have. From experience, does this setup tend to be positive, negative or neutral? Would I need buoyancy arms and if so, what kind would you get?



  2. Hi Steve, thanks for this information. I've looked at nauticam's flash trigger and looks like a definitely buy if I decide to go the nauticam route. I'm just still a little lost as to what bits and doodads I need...


    I live in a city that is not diving oriented hence our pro photography stores are a little limited in set ups. Our biggest one had one UW setup by ikelite with Sola flashes. After doing some research on sola, they do not seem to be an appropriate flash for UW photography. The vendors themselves didn't have much insight to offer me either.


    I'm gonna try to find that thread your talking about... Thank you

  3. So I'm pretty ignorant about how strobes work with a housing... If someone can help shed some light, I would be incredibly grateful.

    I have never used an UW housing before, I am slowly gathering equipment so that can take photos with my SLR setup but I am a little confused as to what I would need to get two strobes working with my setup.

    I currently own a canon 6D. This camera does not have a built-in pop-up flash. I am undecided between getting an ikelite housing or a nauticam housing. If money was a non-issue then the choice would be obvious, so I'm waiting a little to see how my funds go...

    I am looking into getting two ikelite DS160 strobes since I have heard nothing but good things about them (but if anyone has other recommendations, I'm all ears). From what I understand, if I were to go with an Ikelite housing, there are already the necessary connectors built in it... For the Nauticam, there aren't. So here's my question:

    -What connectors/cables, arms, ball joints etc would I need for an Ikelite housing? Is
    -Alternatively, what connectors/cables, arms and ball joints etc would I need for a Nauticam housing?


    Also, because there's no pop-up flash on the 6D, is TTL impossible??

    Thanks for all your help!


  4. My boyfriend won an all-inclusive beach vacation through a radio station contest (what luck, huh?!?)... They are sending us to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Neither of us are the resort type or beach-bum type so we decided to take advantage of this and find some diving to do to keep us occupied.


    I cannot seem to find adequate information on the internet so maybe some experienced folk here can offer some info??


    We are both certified for advanced open water. What are some popular dive sites around there? I know it isn't an IDEAL location for diving so I'd like to know what kind of experiences you guys have had here? We would like to hook up with a dive shop that is responsible and environmentally conscious (I know islands like this don't really care about conservation or the state of their reefs for the most part, I would not want to partake in any further detriment to their oceans)


    Any info would help, thanks!!

  5. I have upgraded to a 6D and can no longer use any of this equipment. All prices are in Canadian dollars (which means its an even better deal for you fellows south of our border ).


    For sale:


    - Canon EOS 7D body - 975$ CAD

    - Canon EF-S 10-22 f/3.5-4.5 ultra wide (weitwinkel) lens - 650$ CAD

    - Iklite Underwater Housing for Canon 7D (Model# 6871.07) - 1150$ CAD

    - Iklite Standard 6" dome port (Model# 5503.50) - 150$ CAD


    This kit would retail for 4100$ CAD - if anyone wants to buy everything together, my price would be 2700$ CAD (225$ savings as a kit)



    The Canon 7D comes with all original packaging, manuals, strap, body cap, battery, charger, usb/av cables.

    The Canon EF 10-22 ultra wide (weitwinkel) angle lens comes with all original packaging, manuals and lens cap. I am also giving the UV filter with it.

    The Iklite housing comes with all original packaging, manual and a kit with a bunch of spares in it .

    The Iklite standard port only comes with the neoprene cover for it.



    Everything is in great condition, the housing and port have only been used literally a handful of times. The kit includes the O-rings for the housing and for the port as well. The housing has some scratches on the bottom where the camera slides in - this unfortunately is unavoidable due to design.


    Only Paypal accepted - please note that shipping is an additional cost and will be determined depending on destination. Reasonable offers will be considered.


    Link to pics :


  6. Christine -

    5D2 + sigma 15

    I have the ikelite with the :


    #5510.45 Dome Assembly


    #5510.11 port body


    Absolutely no vignetting. You should double check this information. If you need a raw file taken with it, just ask.



    It's strange that you don't experience it... Ikelite says it on their port charts:

    "Modular - 8" Dome


    — 5510.45 dome assembly

    — 5510.11 port body


    Vignetting will be present with full frame cameras."


    I've also read a thread somewhere on this forum that someone was experiencing this. So bizarre... It can't be that a full frame on one camera would differ from another? My only other thought is that maybe Ikelite changed the 5510.11 port since you last bought it.


    Errbrr, thanks very much for your insight about this lens. I'll do some more reading on it and see if I can test it out from a camera store. Also, I went to your website... LOVE your photography, beautiful images.

  7. I use the Canon 14mm L II f2.8, almost always at f8 or greater to reduce fuzzy corners. It's a beautiful lens.


    For underwater wide angle you always need to get close, so wider is better.


    This is an interesting choice... I've looked up the lens and it looks spectacular from the reviews and images I've seen.


    (I have a 5D2 with Ikelite and the Sigma 15 : no vignetting with a large dome. awesome fisheye lense.)

    I have seen this lens pop up numerous times as the go-to lens for FF cameras - my only problem is that I'll probably be using an Ikelite housing and from what I've read, the port they constructed for it causing black edges/serious vignetting because it isn't short enough. Editing every single one of my pictures isn't exactly ideal... HOWEVER, I haven't bought a housing yet. MAYBE I can muster up some cash and go with a Nauticam and then find an ideal port for it.



    How do you guys feel about fixed lenses underwater on the WA/fisheye side? Do you ever find that you miss a shot since there is no zoom and you still have to get fairly close to your subject?

  8. I'm quite experienced in photography top-side however I am a relatively new diver and my little compact camera that i took along for dives just doesn't do it for me. So I've decided to gather equipment to start shooting with a DSLR.

    I have been using a Canon 7D top-side and have recently decided to go full frame to get the most out of my diving experience - I just purchased a 6D. I have also purchased a canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens since this seems to be the favourite amongst most UW macro photographers - however I am rather stumped about what kind of wide angle lens to get for my full frame? I will be using ikelite equipment FYI.

    Some people say the Canon 8-15 fisheye is great but that you still have to be pretty close to your subject - it also creates circular photos from 8-10mm - so I'm not too sure how I feel about this.

    I was maybe looking at the 17-40, however reviews on this lens show that it only tends to stay sharp in the centre - the edges get kind of muddy

    the canon 16-35 II would have been ideal but ikelite apparently doesn't make a port for it and the 16-35 I (it's predecessor) was not a good lens at all.

    So now I don't know what to do :/ some insight and personal experience with WA lenses on a full frame would be great. I know people keep talking about the tokina 10-17 fisheye but its only for crop sensor... Any other brands that have a worthy WA lens?

    Thanks in advance!


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