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  1. I need a circuit board for a Sea and Sea YS N TTL converter. Anyone know a source? Three years ago, I purchased two sea and sea ys 110a strobes and a ys n converter. The Strobes are great but because of the difference in design of the battery compartment cap, the converter flooded. (Note we have over 400 dives with cameras both video and still and this is the second problem we have had in 20 years) The problem is that as you twist the cap down the o ring tries to follow it around and stretches, bunching up ahead and getting thin behind. This is unlike the flashes where the seal is pushed straight in and then you screw down the cap to lock it in place, great design but more expensive. I suspect that if I can get it fixed, I can avoid problems in the future by screwing it all the way down and then doing a few backwards and forwards 1/4 turns to let the tension in the O ring equalize around the seal. I have called and emailed Sea and Sea's Long Beach office and they told me to contact one of the independent service facilities that service their equipment. He told me that there are no longer any replacement parts available and as this unit needs a circuit board I have a serious problem. I need to buy a circuit board and Long Beach won't even answer my emails now. The unit is otherwise brand new and has only been on three dive trips. I don't think it is reasonable for me to have to throw it away after so little use and because of a design defect which was obviously a result of cost cutting. Beyond that, I have a housing where the flash won't pop up so I can't go to optical cables without replacing the housing and camera because the housing manufacturer doesn't build a housing for a D700 where the flash pops up, so if I changed housings then I would need to buy new ports.
  2. If you can pop up your flash definitely go optical. We made the mistake of purchasing a housing that doesn't allow the camera flash to pop up and our TTL converter leaked. So now we have a fried TTL converter and no way to use the housing without purchasing a new ttl converter. Sea&Sea's customer service doesn't reply and their recommended repair facilities say they can no longer get replacement parts. The converter cost $595 and has been on 3 one week dive trips! The battery cap on the converter twists on instead of pushes in like the flashes. As near as I can tell when you twist it on you risk stretching the o ring as it tries to turn with the cap and you get a leak. Apparently they are known for this problem. If I ever find parts to fix mine, I will rotate the cap back and forth after I screw it down to allow the o ring to settle in. Note: we have over 400 dives all with cameras and this is the second piece of equipment that we have had leak and the first was over 20 years ago, so we know how to close a camera or flash without a hair in the seal.
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