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  1. Hi Bear, I’m interested, I’m in Brazil if you are willing to send it internationally drop me an email with the photos please raphaelgatti at gmail dot com best
  2. Hi, I’m interested, is it glass or acrylic? Any scratch?
  3. Hi Billy If you would like to sell the 8.5 dome separately let me know
  4. Hi Raphael, my name is Luca. I am an economist, work in development. I am moving to Brazil for work in about two weeks, at the beginning of September. I am keen to connect with other underwater photographers to go dive with and develop some photographic projects. I have lived in many countries, primarily Africa, and I have published books in Tanzania and Mozambique. My feed is here: www.crudeli.it  I hope we can connect and we can dive together. I have no knowledge of the diving scene in Brazil.

    1. raphaelgatti


      Hi Luca, how are you? Good to hear that you are coming to Brazil. I’ve added you on Instagram, maybe would be better and faster to chat there. It’s a pleasure to talk and hope to dive together



  5. Hi Shjeong8, I’m interested, reaching out to you
  6. Hi folks I’m looking for add super macro capabilities to my Nauticam 5d mkiv kit If you are willing to let go these parts: - NAUTICAM SUPER MACRO CONVERTOR 1 (SMC-1, 2.3X MAGNIFICATION) - NAUTICAM M67 FLIP DIOPTER HOLDER FOR M67 MACRO PORTS Let me know Best regards
  7. Hello guys, I’m looking for this port adapter https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-N120-Adapter-for-Aquatica-Ports-with-Lock Let me know if you are willing to sell one Thanks
  8. Hi VinnyQH, would you sell just the dome? how much do you want for it?
  9. I would like to thank Nikolas, @niko1967 for the smooth transaction on a Aquatica 9.25" dome https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/topic/57880-new-aquatica-mega-dome-925/&tab=comments#comment-374478
  10. Hello Guys, Someone willing to sell a Aquatica 9.25" Mega Dome, with perfect (no scuffs or water marks) glass condition? Thanks
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