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  1. let me add that on my mac at home the cup coral is in focus when enlarged, here it appears out of focus or soft.
  2. I am a brand new shooter, with very little topside experience either. So I am trying to learn. Here is a shot i did this weekend. I loved the concept of the coral hanging on a string but definitely feel the photo missed the mark. What could i have done differently. Also this is raw, untouched.
  3. I am a brand new beginner at photography. My question is this...I have access to two strobes. Is there any reason to learn with one strobe before starting to use two?
  4. I realize this thread is several years old. Anyone with recent experience with Diver Vision. They seem to be well below market price on strobes.
  5. New to the forum. Just picked up a used canon s95 with a fix housing and a couple of wet lenses. Still need to add a tray and strobes. And of course learn how to use it.
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