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  1. I use it and here are the photos http://www.digitaldiver.biz I also have the 8ich dome and to compare, well it's the same size as the subal 8 inch dome but the dome shade is massive!
  2. Mike tried to have a look at your site to see what you have but you have so many dead links I gave up.
  3. I took a few with my Canon 20D and find the angel of the subject to the sun makes a big difference in the way the photo turns out, i.e. looking straight up into the sun, like this shot, I wanted to give it a dusk feel but as you can see by the sun it was full daylight (about 11.00AM) Also I feel that the surface conditions also make a difference, this was a day without a ripple, we don't get to many like this (except when Alex is here ) The this was a day or so later and the surface was not so flat and the angel was far more to the side, a little to hot around the diver: And lastly another flat day, but this time finding the sun around the boat, gives it a strange un-earthly feel. One thing for sure sunbursts do make a cool photo.
  4. I don't know about Subal, but I own an Aquatica A20 for the 20D and can say that you will not want to manual focus anyway, you'll be so close that manual will be very difficult, personally I can manual focus but never have and I've used it over 50 times. So don't let that put you off for this lense.
  5. Thinking of getting the Canon 15MM Fisheye for my 20D, has anyone used this lense, if so what did you think?
  6. I have the Canon 17-85MM and it's a great lense. Very good in low light conditions, wide enough to get the bigger stuff and small enough for the smaller things. You're suppposed to use it behind the dome port but I use the flat, you have to back if off it's widest a mil or 2 but others wise it's great. I use the flat because it's smaller, the 8" dome is huge with the dome shade on.
  7. Waja, it seems we have the same gear, I've been using my 20D in the A20 for about a 6 weeks now, which is about 50-60 dives. You have to tweak things just the way you like them. You can adjust the knobs so you can add more pressure to turn them or less. The 100mm is a great lense but poor in low light, the 17-85mm is a good lense and in excellent in low light. The 10-22mm is wide enough to get some great wall shots here in Cayman. The Ds125's are the business, the focus light is a real bonus, you'll like then with the 100mm. Who are you diving with while here?
  8. Well I had the chance to try the 17-85MM in low light this evening and it was excellent! the 100MM in low light was not that good, but the 17-85MM rocked. Here's a pic
  9. I have the Canon 20D in Aqauatica A20 housing, I'm looking for 2 new strobes (sold my YS90DX's with my Tetra) I found the YS90's to be a little under powered for me so what strobes would you recommend and are they a good compatible strobe for this camera. Thx
  10. One minute Aquatica fall over backwards to help the next nothing! I'm waiting on the rest of an order I placed with them weeks ago, you'll have it in a few days, then a few days more now I'm up to nearly 3 weeks and still nothing, it's all been paid for but I'm still waiting!!
  11. This a great setup for someone wishing to start underwater photography or a starter for those making the switch from Film to Digital. It has TTL capability and is easy to use, strong and robust and priced and an affordable package. Please Note: Just like buying from eBay, there is no guarantee with the package but I give my word everything is in new full working order and ready to jump in a start taking photos. More info: http://www.digitaldiver.biz/camera/
  12. You'll have to tell me how you make up that shot one day Alex..
  13. I find if I use "One Shot" then I have to shoot quick. With the 100MM and may be with other lens, once the "one shot" locks you have to release the shutter quick as it will not continue to focus if you move, so I set myself up for the shot and when happy half press to auto focus and once obtained instantly shoot. AI Servo is great for moving targets as it will continue to focus when you move the camera but I feel it's not as fast on locking on in lower light. As far as the camera, it performs great and I'm very happy with it. I've done about 20 dives with it so far and get shots that were much harder than my Oly. PS thanks Alex.
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