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  1. Hello! I am looking to upgrade my STILLS setup to a Canon 5d MkIV, Nauticam/Subal, 16-35 f4 lens with 7inch glass dome port - OR EQUIVALENT mirrorless etc.. I currently have 7Dmk1 with 4inch dome, subal housing and sea & sea strobes. I am interested in individual components or a full rig. Thanks Justin
  2. This is fantastic, thank you for putting this together. I thought I'd add my South African NGO - The RockHopper Fund - to the list. We give live, interactive, teambuilding talks for remote teams. Proceeds from bookings financially support our work of 13 years, which is focussed on sharks and marine reserves in South Africa and Mozambique. We're also able to share science and conservation successes during the experiences. You can learn more on our website: www.rockhopper.co.za Also, I have 1200 reviews on Airbnb: www.airbnb.com/shark Keep up the great work - all of the organisations mentioned need everyone to support in any way, including this list - helping to make a bigger splash for the ocean! Justin
  3. Hello wetpixel forum! As a shark scientist I work where science, film and conservation meet - and enjoy showcasing People & Place. I love the wide open space and feeling of the ocean and I feel that people in images give context to the place, the work, and the passion that drives us all to venture below the surface! Here are two of my recent images with similar styles, looking forward to your comments! 1 - Hammerhead and freediver - Dr Ryan Daly (https://www.saambr.org.za/personnel/ryan-daly/) - Location: southern Mozambique - Equipment Used: 7D mk 1, tokina 10-17, natural light. - Post Processing Description (optional) - contrast, basic corrections 1 - Cameraman on Sardine run - Grant Brokensha (https://www.rockhopper.co.za/grant-brokensha-natural-history-filmmaker) - Location: Wild coast, South Africa. Annual Sardine Run - Equipment Used: 7D mk 1, tokina 10-17, natural light. - Post Processing Description (optional) - contrast, basic corrections s!
  4. Hello Wetpixel forum! My name is Justin Blake, I am a shark scientist based in Cape Town, South Africa. My main work is focussed on sharing remarkable sharky stories, uncovered through science, in online and in-person experiences. My primary means of supporting my NGO and ocean conservation work is via: www.airbnb.com/shark I am looking for a second hand underwater stills setup to replace my 10 year old 7D/subal/fisheye rig. I will post 2 more posts in order to respond and post on the classified forum. My ideal setup would be a 5d mk IV, nauticam or subal housing with ±7inch glass dome for rectilinear 16-35 f4 lens (or equivalent in mirrorless etc..). If you're updating your setup I'd be interested in taking your old rig! Looking forward to learning more from you all. Justin www.airbnb.com/shark www.rockhopper.co.za
  5. Hi I have a brand new 6inch Ikelite dome port for a lens 5-6" (Part number 5503.85). I have never used it as it does not work with my one and only lens, a 10-20mm sigma! I am looking to sell the port and replace it with the correct one. Attached are two images of the port. Email me at justinblake82 at gmail.com if you are interested I am looking for $180 for the unused port. Thanks Justin
  6. Hi I am new to wetpixel and to underwater photography although i have been diving for years. Looking forward to learning from the guru's J
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