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    Nikon d300
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    Seacam d300
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    Seacam seaflash 250/150
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  1. Hi Markus , Thx for your message. In your previous message you replied that the price was to high. Please make an offer I cannot resist ;-) I like to sell the Batteries with the flash. With regards John
  2. Update prices 06 november 2022
  3. 15 August 2022. The fisheye dome has more than 1 scratch. The scratches are not deep and can be polished. The scratches did not show up on pictures I have taken. Attached a photo of a scratch. A smaller one is on the side.
  4. Hi Markus thx for the reply. Did i make a mistake? The arms will come with 3 clamps instead of 2. I will make new pictures and change the text next week. I like to sell the batteries together with the flash because they mean added value. I will wait first for other responses.
  5. I have read the ground rules and will act on it. Hi ,For medical reasons I have to stop diving and therefore stop with my hobby underwaterphotography. Since I started in 2004 I have collected quit some equipment during those years. Seacam is a good quality brand and almost every piece is exchangeable except the camera housing. My complete gear is for sale and I will sell preferably direct to endusers . Prices are excluding shipping costs. If ypu have some interest , just reply on this topic. I have more pics taken of the subsequent pieces. Let me know if you need it. I have taken pictures of every peace and if you need additional information or photo's please let me know.Currently I have for sale:2 Seacam Seaflash 150D , (S6 connection) each with 2 battery, macro ring,charger and diffuser(1 with red filter) and neoprene covers. Price 1500 Euro eachIf you want more power for wide angle and 2 different (5200 K and 4300K) color temperature flashes in one! I also sell my2 Seacam Seaflash 250D (S6 Connection) with charger and macro ring which I Sell for 950 Euro's each. Great flashes which I used many times. They will come with a seacam travel hardcase 4 flash arm sets. 50/150/300 2 sets almost new. Price 150 Euro each for the used ones and 300 Euro each for the almost new ones1 Seacam flash housing where you can include an external flash(with focuslight) 50 Euro4 Strobe Cables (S6) 1 new. 50 Euro each2 strobe cable S6 to nikonos (new) 60 euro each1 Slave sensor (for use with slave flash photography) with strobe cable S6 to N5 100 Euro2 Retra Snoots for use with Seacam 150D (one is new) with maskers. Price used is 150Euro and price new is 250 EuroSeacam Wet one Diopter and Wet 2 diopter . Price per set 400 EuroNauticam SMC 1 diopter Price 300 EuroSubsee 10 Diopter Price 150 EuroPORTSSeacam Flatport 75 mm Inclusive optical coating and Flip adapter for Subsee or nauticam diopter with neoprene cap: Price 300 euroSeacam Flatport 90 mm with neoprene cap Price 200 EuroSeacam Flatport 90 mm inclusive Flip adapter for Subsee or nauticam diopter with neoprene cap: 250 EuroExtra Flip adapter for Subsee or nauticam diopter(reserve and new) 75 EuroSeacam Extension ring 3 Cm for Seacam flatport 150 Euro2 Seacam Extension ring 4 Cm for Seacam flatport 150 Euro each1 seacam Wide Port with coating with neoprene cap 500 Euro1 Seacam Wide Port with neoprene cap Euro 400 Euro1 Secam FishEye Port. This has unfortunately 1 scratch. You cannot see it on the picture but you need to know. with neoprene cap 700 Euro1 SuperDome Port with neoprene cap 1500 Euro1 Compact Macro port with Coating with Hard pvc cap ( Nearly new state) 1200 Euro1 Seacam ViewFInder (normal for on housing) 200 Euro1 Seacam Viewfinder 45 degree in protective neoprene bag 1000 Euro3 Seacam housings and Spare parts (D300 , D200 and Fuji) 1000 Euro.
  6. Hi Deckard, interesting challenge you have. I am thinking of stopping with photographing with my old d300 and was searching for a more compact solution. I hear a lot of good things about the Rx100. In the past (2004) I had the cybershot and was very satisfied with it but I changed to my nikon d200 and later d300 with which I made nice pictures. I got stuck on the possibilities with low light which made focusing with super macro difficult. With these size camera's it is very important to invest in quality housing. I am fan of seacam. In those period's I had never issues while some of my friends had ikelite or Olympus housings which actually are not made to last long. To give you some advice. If you love Canon.... wait for it. If you want to try something else..... the Sony rx100 has great possibilities. Good luck with choosing. I currently share the same feelings in choosing a good successor.
  7. Hi I my name is john and i am new on this forum. I am experienced underwater photographer. Use nikon dx d300 with seacam underwater housing. Cuurently looking for replacement d500 housing. Living in the Netherlands and make most of my dives in Oosterschelde. Beautifull environment. Hope to help others and learn from others.
  8. Hi Rob nog familiar with the interface of wetpixel. Did you receive my Message? With regards John
  9. Hi, seeking used seacam d800 housing. Can you help me for a affordable price? Contact me John
  10. Thx you David and Sanah of Scubacam Singapore for the service!
  11. Hi David, I have s6. Can you reply to my email iseldur@gmail.com. Greets John
  12. Hi , i am looking for a used seaflash 150 which talks with Nikon. Preferable with spare battery and S6 connection. Do you have one for Sale? Please contact me. Thx John
  13. Hi , i am looking for a used seaflash 150 which talks with Nikon. Preferable with spare battery and S6 connection. Do you have one for Sale? Please contact me. Thx John
  14. Hi Chris , is everything sold? Do you have the fish eye and macro port?
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