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  1. Hello, I'm only interested by the Wide Angle Fathom 90 (and eventually by the pelican case). Could you please confirm the S/N 802-259 of the Fathom 90 ? How much for the Fathom 90 ? (shipping cost to Paris, France ?) How much dor the Pelican Case ? Thx Stéphane
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a Fathom 90 lens for sale. The S/N have to be S/N 802-0259. Are you interested for sale yours ? I'm located in Paris/FRANCE Stéphane
  3. Hello, I'm only interested by the Fathom 90 lens. What is the Serial Number ? It has to be 802-0259. Is that correct ? Are you interested for sale it ? What is your price ? I'm located in Paris/FRANCE. Stéphane
  4. Hi, Do you still sale it? Best regards Stéphane
  5. Hello, I own a Light&Motion Bluefin Pro OLED 550 with my Sony CX-550. I'm looking for a lightly used Light&Motion Fathom 90 lens. As my Bluefin Pro is manufactered above 2011, the Fathom 90 lens must have a new P/N 802-0259. If you have a Fathom 90 with P/N 802-0250 (before 2011), it's not for me. Thx for your answer Stéphane
  6. Hello, I'm interested in the Fathom 90 lens. Do you still have it ? Thx Stéphane (FRANCE)
  7. Hello, I'm looking for a Fathom lens for my Bluefin OLED Pro CX-550. Did you still have yours ? Could you tell me the S/N please ? How much ? Thx Stéphane (FRANCE)
  8. Hello, Same question : Will this port fit the Light and Motion CX550 Bluefin Pro Housing (after 2011) ?
  9. Hello, I'm interested... could you confirm the reference number please ? Does it fit with the Bluefin Pro 550 (after 2011) ? Regards Stéphane (France)
  10. Hi, Does it still for sale ? I've a Bluefin Pro 550 designed for Sony CX-550 (after 2011). Could you confirm it fit with mine ? What is your last price ? Thx Stéphane
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