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  1. Hi I've an old Dx200 and dive almost every week. That's what I do. At least half an hour fresh water bath after the dive and never forget to press all the buttons to release the trapped salt. When the rig is completely dry replace the back door o ring with an old one not in use anymore, I usually leave the front barrels in place with the o rings and just clean them once a month or when I change the lenses and barrels in use. Don't forget if u want to check the integrity of your o rings use your lips !!

  2. Hi.


    Going to start filming with a GO Pro Hero, decided to buy two filters, one for blue water another for green, however those from GOPro cost a lot a of mony. For the price of one gopro filter is almost possible to buy two sets of Rollei or PolarPro. My question is, is ir worth the money spend one buying a GOPro ?


    Thank U in advance.

  3. Hi.


    In a couple of weeks will be going for one week to Chuuk Lagoon.


    I´m looking for advice or tips not only on diving but also on things like clothes, money, drugs i should take with me, etc,etc.


    Let´s say that i'm looking for all kind of advice on the matter that can be considerer important or relevant from people that has already been there.


    Thank to you all in advance!!!

  4. Hi. Ive read your post !! I've a ds51 and the battery compartment has flooded because of a battery burst. The springs and other contacts need replacement. I've called Ikelite they said it's was a simple repair but I live in Europe and the shipping cost plus the repair is higher then buying a new one. So I thought since I've nothing to loose and if the problem is in the contacts inside the battery compartment maybe a regular electrician of cellular phones or something a like could fix it. I know that's difficult question but I just want an opinion. Do you think my idea is correct or should I just sell it for spare parts on ebay ??

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