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  1. Ok. Thank U. Let me see if will solve my problem!!
  2. Hi, could you put a picture of the end of the bulkheads ?
  3. Hi. Im looking to buy a ds 125 ikelite or ds 160. If interested send PM. Payment with PayPal, if possible. !! thank u
  4. http://www.ikelite.com/accessories/4104.62-dual-sync-cord.html This design may exhibit intermittency with some more traditional Nikonos-style bulkheads. Two gold plated pins have been provided to eliminate this intermittency. These pins should only be used in conjunction with bulkheads featuring two spring-loaded contacts.
  5. Hi, i Think I've been living a similar problem for months and since I bought the Ikelite-to-Nikonos N5 non-TTL Dual Sync Cord, I use a ds160 and ds51 and I've been living the nightmare of Dropouts!! I believe found the solution in manual of your sync cord not in mine. I took this from the manual of the 4101.62 "This design may exhibit intermittency with some more traditional Nikonos-style bulkheads. Two gold plated pins have been provided to eliminate this intermittency. These pins should only be used in conjunction with bulkheads featuring two spring-loaded contacts." http://www.ikelite.com/accessories/4104.62-dual-sync-cord.html. I hope it can help !!!
  6. Thank you all. Im starting to believe I have been making a foolish mistake. I don't charge my ds160 everytime only when it reaches the last third of battery. I'm going to start to fully charge it after each dive to see if works !!!
  7. Well it has the blue band on the camera end but the red is Not there, I bought it used and for some reason the red band is not there. On the blue band it has the Ikelite reference of the cable and check on the Ikelite site and it's digital. This cable is a really mystery !!!
  8. Just one more question. My cable doesn´t have the red band that indicates wich is the secondary. Ive tried to find out but both strobes work independently, wich its strange. I thougt when the primary was desconnected the slave wouldn´t work !!
  9. Thank you all !!! Jack the camera doesn't lock up when the strobes stop triggering. Where do i find the one pin that you suggest to cover with electrical tape ?
  10. Maybe someone had this kind of problem and may have a solution. For about two years i use a Led Focus light from 10Bar. It always worked well. The other day i was preparing my rig and when put the batteries simply didn´t work. I tried with another set of batteries but still didn't work. Any idea about what happened ? Any suggestion to put it working again ? Thank you !!!
  11. Maybe someone can give a clue about this issue. I have a Ikelite ds161 and ds51 connected to a sea&sea housing for Nikon d200. The housing as two bulkheads and I use Ikelite sync cable ref. 4104.62 (Ikelite to Nikonos Style Dual Cord) connected to the non converter bulkhead of the housing. My problem is that regularly the strobes stop triggering without no apparent reason. I never know when the strobes will work or not. Even in the water the strobes sometime stop triggering and sometimes after a few attempts re-start triggering but sometimes only at home and vice versa. We'll it looks like some kind of magic but very annoying since it spoils my dives !! Does anyone has a clue that can help ?
  12. Thanks. When say to test it In the bathtub you mean with the housing , right ? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I've a Nikonos dual ttl cord 4104.62 and the rubber ring that is in the back of the bulkhead that connects with the housing as rupture. Do i need to changing it ? My problem is that i don't have another and im going on dive vacations next week !! Please take a look at the photos attached. Thank yo !!
  14. We'll I always carry my camera in the housing with me. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Hi, im looking non TTL or TTL it doen´t really matter, Nikonos to Ikelite strobe.
  16. Looking for a Ikelite Strobe Nikonos type Housing or a double sync cable also ikelite strobe nikonos type housing. Please send message. Thank You !!
  17. Hi Bart I believe you are right!! Next time i need to choose the dive operation more carefull and be sure they can do what im looking. Good advise !!!
  18. i went to the Red Sea for the frist time and stayed in Sharm. Well Sharm is Sharm you like it or not. I made eleven dives and have been in the Strait of Tiran, Ras Mohamed Blue Hole and SS Thistlegorm. I must confess that beside the Thistlegorm it was very disappointing for me, very few marine life !!! I was not expecting to meet the big animals but resident animals i was expecting some more!!! I usually go to Azores islands to dive about Octobre each year, but this one i went to the Red Sea and i can say that Azores islands are really a paradise when compared with the places i've been in Red Sea. Well to be honest there´s more live in the Atlantic coasts of Portugal and Spain then in the places i visited in the Red Sea !!! During my stay i follow the pictures that my friends took in Azores islands during the same days and if i want to see some animals i open facebook at night at the hotel!!! The other divers i met in the boats, beside they had a lot of dives, still the dive the "Padi" way. People need to stay really close other wise they feel scared !!!! I need space and time to take my pictures i dont loose the group out of sight but its not needed to dive like an old married couple !!! One of the buddys refuse to dive with me again because he said i was to concentrated on my photos and he was scared. Well he never dived in the Atlantic with 2 to 5 meters visibility thats for sure !!! Well i guess im not going to return at least to those places !!! Red Sea is a good place for honey moons with some dives !!! Im wrong ??
  19. Hi Im going for the first time next month to Sharm to spend a week diving . I will be at www.camedivel.com and fly with Lufthtansa to Cairo and then with Egyptair to Sharm. Im going to take my one equipment. Any particularly advice or tip to improve my journey ? What kind of care should i take with the food ? Should i care with me some medicine or if i need i can buy it there ? Is there cash machines ? Anything that can be important!!! Thank you in advance !!!
  20. Im interested in: 8" arms X 2 $25 Clamps X 2 left Ship to Europe ?
  21. Hi Could you tell me the brand and where you get those arms ? I looking for another set and everything is so expensive !!!
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