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  1. Hi I'm looking for two extension 6 inch arms with 1 inch ball at each end; three clamps for 1inch balls; 1 inch ball mounts to Ikelite DS50, DS51, DS125, DS160 and DS161. I'm looking for any particular brand. If you have total or a part of that equipment for we want to sell please send PM. Bye.
  2. Want to buy one sync cord flash ikelite Housing with Nikonos N5 Bulkhead, references: 4104.6 or 4104.31. Payment by Paypal.
  3. Hi, Im looking for a sync cord ikelite strobe nikonos V bulkhead can be one the following references 4104.6 or 4104.31. Any of the sync cords that we have for sale fits the above ? If so whats the price ? Do you accept pay pal ? Bye
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