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  1. the strap wrench worked perfectly, thank you! It wouldn't budge at first so I let the port soak in cold water for a few hours to shrink the plastic a bit and with some force it came off. Thanks again for the suggestion.
  2. I have a precision dome port (Ikelite) for my tokina 11-17 fisheye and as i was going to disassemble it for cleaning, I could not remove the modular lens extension tube from the dome port. What would you guys suggest? Would it be dangerous (chance of flooding) if I were to leave it stuck in place without taking it apart to lube the o rings? I have no idea if I'm better off leaving it without risking damage to the dome port or trying to remove it with a rubber wrench. If there is no chance of it flooding as long as I dont mess with it I wont touch it. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! -Joe
  3. It's really to bad, I used to go twice a season but I'll definitely be canceling my trip this year. Too many regulations are going to make what was once a relaxing experience into a stressful mess. You have to figure with only 5 boats and photographers needing to hire guide is going to make the prices skyrocket. It's unfortunate but the city of Crystal River is going to be losing a huge chunk of tourism, especially us photographers!
  4. This is all getting a little ridiculous now, and i thought the proposed restrictions last year were bad!
  5. great photos! Just curious what boat you went out with and if this was a baited dive? I live in Ft. Lauderdale, I usually go out with Jupiter Dive Center but would definitely like some more info on the dive you did. Thanks! Joe
  6. that's great news that they haven't banned flash photography but it sounds like the manatee police will have more things to yell at us about now just curious where house spring was, tried looking it up on google but couldn't find anything in crystal river. I'll be going up in a few weeks and would like to check it out if three sisters is closed
  7. I was just wondering this as well, if you find out anything would you mind posting it here? Thanks!
  8. go with the two SS 110a's. I use them with a Nikon D7000/Ike setup in full manual and don't miss TTL at all. Once you shoot manual I found that you get more consistent photos than relying on the camera to do flash exposure.
  9. I think that closing off the sides of the springs will do exactly what you said, create a more concentrated area of tourists. I was at 3 Sisters yesterday and there were two large tour groups of snorkelers surrounding and crowding the manatees. Plus a tour group of kayakers (6 or 7 of them) were also surrounding the manatees in the center of the spring. had to wait until the tour groups got rounded up before I could take photos again. Does anyone know how roped off the outer parts of the spring will be? Those offer some of the best manatee photos.
  10. I have submitted my comments, I think that eliminating the use of strobes is taking it a little far. I've never seen the manatees be bothered by strobes anytime that I have worked with them. Glad I'm going this weekend before the new laws take effect
  11. just curious, if the lcd protector and eyepiece were left on, could that cause the lens to misalign with the nodal point and cause not as sharp photos? I will remove both before I use it from now on I didn't know you had to
  12. thanks for the reply guys, I did have the eyepiece in still so maybe that had something to do with it. I am going to crystal river this weekend to try it out, at least I know now that if the buttons aren't working something is jammed! thanks for the help
  13. that's what I was thinking too Bill, i'll have to double check the alignment next time I put the camera together. The zoom ring was working fine so I don't think it was an alignment issue, it must've been a pushed button. Was there a certain button that gets pushed so I can look out for it next time? By the way, I never thought it had to do with the vacuum, just wanted to mention it to rule out a leak. I have that and the 5inch precision port you made and love them both so far!
  14. forgot to mention I only maxed out at 24ft (blue heron bridge) staying at around 15ft on average.
  15. Just took my Ikelite D7000 rig on its first salt water trip today. After a few minutes into the dive, the back camera buttons would not function, even though the camera was able to take a photo. I could get Live View to come on but the "INFO" and [ | > ] buttons would not respond to pushing. It worked fine in the pool a week ago. As soon as I released the vacuum (underwater camera stuff vacuum) and took the camera out of the housing, the buttons were functional again. Any reason this could have been an issue or has anyone experienced the same thing?
  16. Thanks, I'm glad you really liked the carvings! It's been a fun little hobby I picked up a few years ago, started with the hawksbill and have been adding more animals to it whenever I photograph something different. I finally got the Akona <7 bag in and it fits the Ikelite perfectly! I'm going to grab some foam this weekend and add some padding to it. If anyone is looking for a bag where you don't have to remove the tray and handles from the housing I would definitely suggest this bag. Really light too going to be great to travel with. Sorry for the bad photo I took it with my phone, will post photos when I have all the padding and gear setup in it.
  17. Thanks for the photo of your setup in the Akona Bag Megtooth, That's a perfect size to fit my rig in with room for expansion if I get more ports/etc. Basically the only things going into the carry on would be Housing, port, strobes (S&S YS 110a's nice and light) and arms. So I'll save all of the camera body, lenses and all the heavier smaller things in my Lowepro Backpack. thanks again for the help picking out a travel rig. when it comes in ill post a pic of the setup in the akona <7 carry on I ordered for people who are travelling with an Ikelite Setup and looking for a lighter option
  18. Thank you guys for all the input, can't tell you how much I appreciate the detailed responses. I'm really glad I held off buying the pelican I had no idea it weighed 13 pounds without anything even in it! I think suitcase is definitely the way to go, do you have any pictures of your setup inside the Akona bag by any chance? Just curious to see how much more room there would be after housing/strobes etc. I have a lowpro backpack that fits my camera/lenses/gopro etc so the Akona looks like the best option for the housing and dome port. Ray, wrapping it in a towel seems like a good way to reduce damage from bumping/moving around in the suitcase. I have been diving with an Olympus housing so I already know to take out the orings.
  19. I have been doing some research on previous posts and have seen that a lot of people suggested the Pelican 1510. I have heard that getting the ikelite into the case is a tight squeeze, does anyone currently use this setup to travel with their Ikelite SLR housing? I have a Lowpro backpack to transport my camera already but I was wondering if anyone has come up with any other carry-on options to fit an Ikelite rig. I really don't want to have to check the housing. If you have pics of your setup in a Pelican 1510 I would love to see it to get a better feel for the size of it/what I could fit in it. Thanks!
  20. We ended up doing just the Crystal River one, most likely trying out Homosassa Springs when we go back this December. Homosassa is only open for a few months and since we went in March American Pro was not doing trips out there at the time. I heard Homosassa was really great for Photos not sure from experience though. If you go on the Crystal River one they will either take you to King's Spring or Three Sisters Spring. Kings Spring was pretty murky but the Three Sisters Spring was like swimming in crystal clear bottled water. I would suggest looking into taking a Kayak to Three Sisters spring if you have time, you can bring your snorkel gear/camera with you and anchor off at Three Sisters to snorkel without having the time limit of a boat. I'm hoping to get more photography time this year with the manatees going in December instead of so late in the season. The Holiday Inn Express was about a 5 min drive from American Pro (multiple Holiday Inns so double check its the closer one). I can let you know more about Homosassa in December. Joe
  21. Hi Boris, I spent the weekend in Crystal River last March. The weather in Florida can be pretty unpredictable, when we went the air was 38 degrees (water temp is usually around 72 degrees) and we were COLD after being in the water for 45 min snorkeling. It depends what you are comfortable with, but I think a 5mm if you get cold easily and of not just rent a 3mm, I'm not sure but personally I think the 7mm would be overkill. Fins are definitely allowed. We went out with American Pro diving center to King's Spring, they were a great charter and I would highly recommend them! It depends what kind of weather it is, I brought my strobes to eliminate any harsh shadows. 3 days was a good amount of time, if you stay a few days extra Rainbow River was a fun dive (it was my first freshwater one). One of the best suggestions I could give to get a chance for some great one on one manatee encounters (this leads to great photos of course). There were a few people on other tours that were swimming next to us that you could tell were very "unexperienced" snorkelers to say the least. If you want great photos try to stay as far away from the pack as possible. I had so many manatees come up to me and pose for the camera by just staying relaxed and waiting for them to approach me. I know its been said a million times on here but all you get from chasing animals are awesome photos of a manatee's tail . I hope that was helpful, I'm going back this winter and can't wait! Any other questions just let me know. Joe
  22. Payment sent for a used Sola Photo 500 focus light to jpomerantz. Awaiting shipment. Thanks everyone!
  23. Looking for a used Light & Motion Sola Photo 600 or Light & Motion Sola Photo 500. (Would prefer the Sola 600 for its red light vs the 500 but open to offers) Not interested in new, I have a limited budget so I am only looking for used models right now. Please PM me any offers and I'll get back to you as soon as possible, Thank you!!
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