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  1. $650 last price drop, really would like to sell this setup
  2. drop to $700.... great system in really nice condition.
  3. In all honesty I would stay away from the Intova ISS2000. When I first started getting into this hobby a few years ago I was in your same position, money was tight (on a college budget) and I decided to get the ISS2000. I didn't expect it to matter much compared to other strobes on the market but I quickly realized how limiting it was. I think I had the Intova for a maximum of 3 months before I sold it and upgraded to a set of Sea & Seas (YS-120's I shoot 110a's now). My suggestion would be to make the initial investment initially, you'll be so much happier with your pictures. Once I upgraded the difference between the Intova and S&S's were like night and day (no lighting pun inteneded).
  4. interesting suggestions, I guess that without the Ikelite housing to be able to pop the flash up theres no real easy way to get reliable fiber optic use. Attaching a DS51 to the housing and using that to trigger the strobes is a really interesting idea too, any pics of the setup?
  5. Just thinking out loud here but was just wondering if there would be a way to somehow make a converter that screws into the Ikelite strobe connector and converts the electric signal to fire an LED instead (and then attach fiber optic cables to trigger the strobes)? I shoot in manual mode anyways with 2 YS-110a's so just trying to think of ways to lessen the risk of flooding the strobes. Anyone ever try anything like this?
  6. Deal made, housing no longer needed! Thanks everyone
  7. Thanks, email sent!
  8. thanks for the reply guys, I've never dove the Pacific during an El Nino so I didn't really know how drastically it would effect the marine life. It seems like there were still a lot of sharks I guess I will just have to wait a few months and see what the predictions say. awesome video interceptor by the way!
  9. Was thinking about spending a few weeks in the Galapagos this summer (June/July most likely) but unfortunately it seems like they are predicting an El Nino. Has anyone been to Galapagos in El Nino conditions and would advise against it? Would it still be worth it to go on the off chance El Nino doesn't happen? I didn't know how much it would affect wildlife viewing there next summer. Thanks for the help
  10. if anyone is thinking of selling an Ikelite D7000 housing I'm still looking to buy one!
  11. Looking to buy a used Ikelite housing for a Nikon D7000. I already have ports and strobes just looking for the housing. Thanks!
  12. item received, looks great! very fast shipping, can't wait to try it out. Thanks!
  13. Selling TWO used Sea & Sea Fiber Optic L-Type cables. Been on less than 15 dives. Their coils are still perfect (no stretches) if anyone wants pics let me know but they look just like they came out of the box. Retail at Reef Photo: $160+tax for the pair, selling both of them for $130 free shipping
  14. please PM me with any questions or offers, I have more pics if needed. Thanks!
  15. Seen less than 30 dives, in very good condition. The Inon wet lens works great with this camera, I have gotten some awesome macro shots with this combination without having to buy a dedicated macro lens and port! I loved this camera for its compact size but I recently decided to house my D7000 and need the money to upgrade. Included: Olympus PEN E-PL1 micro 4/3rds camera 14-42mm Lens Zoom gear for 14-42mm lens (works with 9-18mm lens as well) Oly PPZR-EP01 Olympus Housing Nauticam duel handle tray Nauticam 1in ball mounts on each handle Custom mounted GoPro Port mount (can be taken off if not needed, but an awesome way to capture video while you shoot) Torch (flashlight) hotshoe mount Custom carrying handle using glow in the dark rope Inon Close up lens UCL-165-M67 with Olympus PMLA-EP01 threaded port mount *GoPro and torch not included* Will accept reasonable offers (and trades if you happen to have an Ikelite D7000 housing )
  16. absolutely, just giving my two cents... still try it why not! will be keeping an eye out for your updates on this, it's definitely a neat little camera
  17. I think the biggest issue you're going to run into with this setup is how to manipulate the touch screen on a smartphone or tablet to control it. Without solid buttons to press I cant image creating a rig that would be anywhere near reliable at depth. I have a lifeproof case on my iPhone right now and it will not recognize touch even if there are small droplets on it.
  18. Hello, Looking for a micro 4/3rds Olympus 9-18mm lens and Zen WA-100 dome port for use with my Oly E-PL1 housing (not nauticam). Trying to start shooting wide angle but its tough to find the pair used. Thanks!
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