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  1. sorry forgot to post that these were sold with a pair of strobes that I sold on here a few weeks ago. Sorry about that
  2. dropping down to $175 +ship., great deal for an unused set of sync cords!!!
  3. open to offers if anyone is interested!
  4. just send me a private message and we can discuss it, I'm open to reasonable offers!
  5. pair of 2 unused Sea & Sea Sync Cords with nikonos style bulkhead attachment. (Retail for both are $250, really don't need these as backups anymore) $200 + ship, open to offers
  6. bumping the price down to $725 for the pair of strobes, anyone interested?
  7. if I were to split these up: $750 for the pair (2) of ys-120 strobes $200 Brand new pair (2) of S&S 5 pin nikonos sync cords [$50 cheaper than retail and still brand new in box] offers considered, cant hurt to ask
  8. willing to split up the package if anyone is interested in just the two strobes or two new sync cables
  9. Hello, Looking to upgrade my topside system to the D7000 so I am selling my extra set of Sea & Sea YS-120TTL Pros and sync cords. These things are absolute monsters, way too big for my needs recently which have been focused mainly on macro. They are in very good shape and function perfectly. I bought them used from a diver in Miami a while back and have treated these things like a child since I got them. Never flooded, always rinsed in fresh water, O-rings cleaned and lubed after every dive. I purchased a set of fiber optic plugs from Reef Photo so the stobes could be used as slaves with an L-type optical cord. The only problem with one strobe was a small crack on the arm attachment point when I first received them, which I repaired with clear waterproof epoxy to prevent it from turning into a problem (repair not noticeable when on the system but I took a close up pic to show it anyways). I originally bought two S&S nikonos style sync cords, long story short I ended up going with fiber optic trigger instead, so they have sat in the box brand new and have never hit water, let alone taken out of the plastic. I tried to take as many pics as possible from all sides so you'll know what you're getting, these strobes have served me well and will be the perfect fit if you're looking for a very powerful set of strobes! I am asking $1025 USD +ship (shouldn't be too much in the US) for the two strobes and 2 brand new sync cords as a set. Willing to consider reasonable offers, but this is a great deal for a set of such powerful strobes!
  10. good to know the 2000mAh work as well! I think I'm going to try the energizer ones for now and switch to the Eneloops if I'm not happy with the performance of the energizers
  11. Taking the girlfriend up to crystal river for the weekend to catch the end of the manatee season, I already booked a boat tour to snorkel with them but I was wondering if there was anyone in the area that knew a place where you could swim to them from shore without having to take a boat. Still going to do the boat trip just figured it would be a fun thing to do the next day. Thanks for the help!
  12. awesome thanks so much for the help! I'm not really an electrical person and I probably would've ended up with the wrong power and fried my strobes haha. I'll head out later and look for the Energizers, cant tell you how much easier this makes this and I don't have to wait for them to come in the mail
  13. Just picked up a pair of Sea & Sea YS-110a's but after some searching on the internet I know to buy Eneloop rechargeable batteries but I was confused with which power to pick up, I don't want to burn out the strobes or not maximize power output and recycle time. Sorry if this has been asked before I just couldn't find it. Thanks for the help!
  14. when it comes to photography, always be patient, like others have said scrolling through dive photos and only seeing fishbutts isn't very satisfying. I had a divemaster in the Galapagos that was a chaser and scared away a few scalloped hammerheads to get a really close up picture of their backs. For you and the others youre diving with definitely don't chase it, too aggressively at least
  15. In all honesty its hard it is to take pictures of moving fish in the ocean let along trying to shove your hand into a tank to take pictures of them. I think that GoPro would be your best bet since it takes some great HD video and nice still pictures and it small enough to get in wherever you want to go in the tank, especially if you attach it to a pole (gopole) or something you wont even have to get your hands wet and scare the fish. I just got one a month ago and I really like it, definitely worth looking into. I think a camera, even the waterproof point and shoots are going to get you nothing but awkward angles of the fish or empty tank pictures.
  16. really amazing, love watching the progress on this, the anodized parts look amazing. looking forward to seeing more!
  17. I really would like to make an offer but I would rather get two at once if I can of either the 110a's or inon d2000s
  18. any interest? really looking for a pair of 110a's........ also considering buying a pair of inon d2000s.
  19. okay great that's good to know that its illegal before heading over there, as much as I'de like to get pics of them im glad they're protecting them from some of the crazier tourists that don't respect the animals like we do. Tonga it is then...well someday . I have read a lot into kayaking to captain cook's but there has been a lot of controversy with them ripping up the corals, plus I don't think you can leave them on shore so we'd have to swim with them while we snorkeled. definitely an option to check out though! I just looked up place of refuge and it looks really nice! definitely going to have to make a trip out there to snorkel! really looks like a great snorkel spot
  20. thanks for the response, definitely going to check out coral reef for the spinner dolphins. It seems like 4 hours is kind of short did it seem like enough time with the dolphins? Also I was checkout out some of your pictures, those pics of the humpbacks were amazing!! how strict are they about "accidently falling in" and grabbing some pics if the whale comes close? I honestly don't think ide be able to fight the urge to get some shots if one comes close.
  21. thought I read that somewhere just wanted to make sure, thanks for the help! I guess I'll stick with manual for now
  22. Just curious if the Sea and Sea ys-120's TTL will work using a fiber optic cable attached to the optical sensor on the front. I've been using it in slave mode and keeping it in manual settings but wasn't sure if I should try out TTL. I shoot with an Oly E-PL1 so I usually just keep the flash setting on the lowest power (1/64) to save battery, im sure ide burn through battery faster if I were to use the TTL.
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