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  1. Hello everyone, I'm taking a trip to Hawaii the first week in January [4 days big island, 3 Oahu, 2 maui] and was looking for some help on a few questions for people who have been before/live there. Since were hopping around a lot and have to worry about no fly times we werere looking for a lot of snorkeling opportunities (don't worry I booked the kona manta night dive of course couldn't miss that) but not really sure of other must do snorkeling or scuba. I looked into a spinner dolphin snorkel/whale watch but I was really hoping to be able to get in the water with them (Tonga someday of course). A few quick questions: 1. Are there tours to actually snorkel with the humpbacks? I'm guessing that there are laws against it as all I have seen are topside sightseeing tours 2. What would be the best place on big island or Oahu to see the endangered monk seal? I know they are more common on the northern islands but it would be neat to grab some photos of them, especially in the water! 3. What are some not to miss snorkel spots on the big island? I have heard of Capt Cook monument and don't mind the mile hike to get there. My girlfriend and I are no where near beginner snorkelers and i'de like to go to places which offer the best photo ops of course 4. Are there any big island snorkel spots with the best chance to see some white-tip reef sharks or other sharks? I'm sure we'll be seeing turtles everywhere so hopefully wont have to worry about that I've done some crazy research but a lot of places are targeting to children or people new at snorkeling. figured the people of wetpixel would know all the best spots for photography! Thanks for the help everyone, I'll write a trip report once we get back!
  2. still looking for a pair of 110a's to buy
  3. Hello, Kind of thinking that my trade for my pair of ys-120's aren't going to happen before my vacation, so I am looking to buy a set of used S&S ys-110a strobes (not the 110s, only the alpha ones) Have a small budget so definitely interested in used ones in good working condition (never flooded) of course. if you have a set PM me and we'll take it from there. Really looking for a pair so I can take it with me on vacation in the beginning of January. Thanks!
  4. still looking for 2 ys-110a strobes, anyone have an offer?
  5. really neat idea! looks like it works nice for really close up work, it seems to distribute really evenly
  6. Not sure if it would be smarter to sell these and hope for a pair of ys-110a's to come up, a little risky, I'm just afraid I wont have my setup ready by December 19th when I leave for vacation. It would be terrible to sell the 120's and be left strobeless! would get some pretty dark pics of the Mantas in Kona what do you guys think the best route for this is? Seems like there was some activity looking at the thread so I'm not really sure how to proceed...
  7. Hello everyone, Is anyone willing to trade my pair of ys-120 strobes for a pair of ys-110a strobes? the ys-120s have never been flooded, rinsed properly, and O-rings cleaned and lubed after every dive. I treated these these strobes like a baby! I have been using a set of ys-120 strobes with my Oly E-PL1 setup for the last few months, they have been nothing but great shooting them manually but I will be travelling a lot and need to get some strobes that are a little more travel friendly but still have the same S&S settings I've been working with. Also, I will be going to Kona, HI in January so I figured the 110a's would be easier to snorkel with as well. The ys-120s are a great set of workhorse strobes with a great recycling time but just a bit too bulky for my needs. The fiber optic ttl on the 110a is also a big convincing point for me as well. Here is a picture to show my setup (I was going on a nightdive to BHB hence the huge light uptop). If you are interested in a possible trade or want more pictures of the strobes, just let me know and we'll take it from there.
  8. I just bought one yesterday but I appreciate the offer! good luck with your sales how can you change the title of the post to "done"?
  9. I started with one strobe and found it to be a real hassle, you really have to fiddle with the strobes so much and hope that the scene youre shooting lines up on the opposite side of where the strobe is positioned. although I have gotten some nice shots with one strobe, it creates some really hard shadows that works for some shots but not for others. I say go for two and you can always experiment by turning one off if you want to try something different
  10. Hello, looking for a second Sea & Sea YS-120 strobe to use as a slave. Would like it to be functional and never flooded. I have a gray one now but ill consider any color depending on price. I've been shooting with one ys-120 strobe (crazy, I know) and I wanted to expand by adding a second in slave mode. Paypal ready, not looking to spend a whole lot on this since its going to be in slave mode anyways. Thanks!! http://zarrelladesigns.smugmug.com/
  11. Hello everyone, I live in Florida currently and was certified in Aug 2012, since my first certified dive ive been teaching myself underwater photography. I started with a p&s sony w300 housed with an intova strobe to learn manual aperture and shutter speed on a smaller rig. In February of this year I upgraded to an Olympus pen E-Pl1 and Sea & sea ys-120 strobes. Really night and day between a point and shoot and a pen series, the larger sensor size really adds to the quality of the photos. I have been diving in many islands of the carebbean, Florida and the Galapagos archipelago. here is a link to my photos hope you like them, every dive I'm still learning so many new things! zarrelladesigns.smugmug.com
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