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    Virginia Beach, VA USA
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    scuba diving, photography, multi-rotor radio controlled aircraft, computers, boats

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    United States
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    Canon EOS-5D MkIII; Canon EOS-5DS, Nikon D800/810, Hasselblad H2/CFH39, GoPro
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    Nauticam for Canon DSLR Camera and Video Monitor
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    Ikelite DS-161s/KeldanVideo
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    TLC/ULCS Arms
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About Me

I've been a member of Wetpixel since its inception.

Photographer, Videographer, uAS Pt 107 pilot with light/medium/heavy lift aircraft, SSI Platinum Pro 5000 diver, Nauticam Ambassador, worked for many of the dive and travel magazines, based in Virginia Beach, VA.

Currently (for last two years) shoot BMPCC4k, Hasselblad H5D-50c and Canon EOS-5Dsr in Nauticam housings using Ikelite 161, Keldan 8M and L&M Stella lights underwater.

I've been to 100+ different locations around the world, some several times, but some family health issues currently require my underwater to work to be limited to 8' of clear, salt water at 88-90F shooting mermaids and ballerinas.

Work at https://www.archive.chriscrumley.com,https://www.instagram.com/chriscrumley and https://www.nauticam.com/blogs/ambassadors/chris-crumley


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