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    Panasonic Lumix DMC GH2
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    10Bar HS-DC-Pn-GH2
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    Tillytec Tanklamp
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    Lens: Lumix G Vario F4.0/7-14mm
  1. Thanks Phil. I already heard about this. But i don't want to buy the 8mm fisheye just for the holder or to change it every time from lens to lens.
  2. Thanks for your Tricks matdiver1234. I habe no installed the FlowMotion 2.02 hack and I am going through all the video settings in the Creative Movie Mode. But I have no idea which Settings are important! I try to write down the Setting for my 7-14 Lense: Exposure Mode: S Shutter Speed: 50 Iso: Auto White Balance: Manual Set Creative Movie Mode: HBR Motion Picture Film Mode: Standard Rec Quality: 24L Exposure Mode: S Continuous AD: ON Metering Mode: center dot I.Dynamic: OFF Wind Cut: OFF Mic Level Disp.: OFF Mic Level Adj.: Level 3 Ex. Tele Conv: OFF Digital Zoom: OFF Rec Highlight: OFF Custom AF/AE Lock: AE AF/AE Lock Hold: OFF Pre AF: OFF Direct Focus Area: OFF Focus Priority: ON Shutter AF: ON Half Press Release: OFF AF Assist Lamp: OFF AF+MF: OFF MF Assist: ON MF Guide: ON Preview Hold: ON Constant Preview: OFF Expo.Meter: ON what do you think about this?
  3. Is there a good and easy solution to use a redfilter with the lumix 7-14 lense inside a UW-Housing without tu much handicraft work?
  4. Hi there, I just bought the Panasonic Lumix DMC GH2 with the 10bar UW-Housing and the 7-14 Lense. I also have a good Tanklamp for Lightning. In a few days i will go to galapagos and this will be my first Time with this setup. So it will be great if you have some hints and tricks on how to setup the cam. I used the Forum search, but it didn't get me any results on while searching for GH2 I don't now why...
  5. I am from Germany and I do underwater filming since about 4 years. Till now i just used consumer cams. But i will go to galapagos in a few days with my complete new Equipment (Panasonic GH2) and hope to get some helpful hints here.
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