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  1. This is a great Backup Camera. It was my backup to my D3. This is my 2nd DLUX4. I bought this in the middle of a Mediterranean Disney Cruise, since I FORGOT my charger (for the one I already owned.) Well this has just been collecting dust (along with my D3) since I have been using my first DLUX4. DLUX4 will come with: > Panasonic DMW LW46 .75 Wide Angle Lens ($180 NEW) > DMW LA4 Lens mate (Adapter) ($50 NEW) > Voigtlander 21mm External Viewfinder ($150 NEW) $900 shipped CONUS via Paypal, or Cash Face to Face in Houston. I am currently out of town till Oct.4 (Monday) can meet anytime next week. Box is not included since I did not have room in our luggage for it. I have sold numerous times here in wetpixel with no problems.
  2. I took it to Hawaii just last week, unfortunately it was relegated to pool duties. The AF is pretty quick, sometimes it too quick and picks up the bubbles in front of the Lens and shoots macro! I am going to Miami in mid-June and I will take it on a dive.
  3. Hey Kirk, I too have the same questions about 32bit vs 64bit and supported Software, before I add more RAM. 3GB is the max that a 32bit OS sees, that's why I stopped there. Even with just 3gb of RAM the performance of my PC is blazing fast compared to my old one. I actually have overclocked the chip now to 3.4ghz...testing for stability for the next 24hrs. If its stable, I will be running a $220 i7 920 BEYOND the $1,000 i7 965 chip!
  4. Well, I upgraded this weekend. Microcenter had killer deals on DDR3, x58 Motherboard and Intel i7 920 CPUs that I couldnt resist. I am very pleased with the performance of my new machine. There is a TANGIBLE difference between the q6600 and the i7 920. Both are 2.6ghz and ripping a DVD on my old machine was about 27mins compared to 12mins with the i7. Video Encoding, Processing RAW files, all have about a 50% increase in performance! I am very pleased with the upgrade. I only bought 3GB of DDR3, now I am going to max it out to 6GB! Its worth it!
  5. Wow that IS a nice improvement, but what were you running before an Intel Quad / Core 2 Duo or AMD? I have a Q6600 right now with 4GB of DDR2. I just dont want to spend megabucks on minimal gain...
  6. I am thinking of going i7 (and DDR3) over my Q6600 for my Photo/Video-Editing PC. Anyone see any improvements on their computer by switching to i7? I use Lightroom and Sony Vegas, and my computer sometimes Lags when I am processing lots of pictures or videos.
  7. Hitachi 1TB are on sale for $80 after MIR. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/se...;sku=TSD-1000H3 Nice for RAID drives...
  8. I am selling a: NEW Sony A700 with 18-70mm Lens. $950.00 SHIPPED CONUS Brand new untouched, in original factory wrapper. It is 1400+shipping in B&H: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/5207...tal_Camera.html It was a surprise gift. I already have a Nikon D3 + Lenses so switching over is not an option. Check my impeccable Sales Record here in Wetpixel. Last item I sold was my D200+Lenses+Hugyfot Housing for $7,500.00.
  9. REDUCED to $700 for Camera (+ Free Software) I need to pay for roof damage from Ike! This Camera still sells new in Circuit City for $940+Shipping: http://www.circuitcity.com/ccd/productDeta...p;om_keycode=67
  10. Adding Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum ($90) that is not compatible with my Canon Camcorder. http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/moviestudiope SEALED Sony 60GB HDR-SR11 CAMCORDER HD + Sony Vegas MS9 Platinum! for $800
  11. For Sale: BRAND NEW STILL FACTORY SEALED: Sony HDR-SR11 CAMCORDER HD 1080P $800 + $15 Shipping via UPS Ground. SORRY NO PAYPAL, MONEY ORDERS ONLY. I received it as a gift, but already have a Canon Camcorder. Please check my past sales here in wetpixel, have sold numerous high value items with no problems. The last item I sold here was for $7,500 for a Hugyfot + Ike DS125s + D200 + Lenses! Here are pics:
  12. http://www.reuters.com/article/technologyN...=technologyNews Apparently they can seize anything now: For all of us U/W photogs with large HDs and Laptops, this is disconcerting.
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