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  1. Thanks for the suggestion - I can't see any option to set flash to manual. Any suggestion of the menu to look at would be helpful. Thanks, Mark
  2. Hello all, I recently flooded my EM5 and bought a second hand replacement. After updating the firmware to version 2.3, I have found the menu items have changed. Is there an updated version of the recommendations to account for the changes? An example is setting the minimum flash intensity to 1/64. This has disappeared and I think been replaced by an EV setting (I think) - if I'm mistaken, can someone suggest where I'm going wrong? Thanks for your help, Mark
  3. My testing with the domes on land showed a slightly larger exposure field and softer roll off at the edges, compared to the flat diffusers.
  4. Have a go at making your own - very easy - it worked for me: http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/50347876/ Mark
  5. Thanks, that would work for a round trip but to make things more interesting, we won't be returning to the same places...
  6. Hi everyone, We are heading to the Galapagos in June and plan on doing some land based travelling after the dive trip. Rather than deal with diving gear while travelling it would be good to ship it home (Australia). Has anyone done this and if so, how did you organise it (economically)? Thanks for any suggestions, Mark
  7. Since arriving home I have cleaned the contacts and the additional packing is not needed. Hope this information helps someone else. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, they were most appreciated. Cheers, Mark
  8. Thanks Adam & Bear, I found that applying pressure to the battery allowed the camera to turn on, so I also went the route of a thin piece of card between the battery and door. All has been well with the world today, thanks for everyone's suggestions. Mark
  9. Thanks troporobro, I tried your suggestion but it didn't work for me. I will see what happens tomorrow after it has had a rest...
  10. Hi, I'm half way through a trip to Raja Ampat and my EM5 is playing up. Yesterday, the on switch didn't work all the time and the problem has got worse today - not turning on at all. Is this a known issue - are there any fixes that I can try? It has not been wet or knocked. Thanks for any advice, Mark
  11. Thanks Marc, That was exactly what I was chasing. Cheers, Mark
  12. Can anyone provide details on the differences between the types II and III, compared to the version currently available (type IV)? Thanks, Mark
  13. Can anyone provide details on the differences between the types II and III, compared to the version currently available (type IV)? Thanks, Mark
  14. A very positive report for Enzo (Huseyin Onan) in Turkey. I bought some Stix floats and he was helpful in posting them quickly to Australia. Thanks, Mark
  15. Thanks for the comment Jock, From what I have observed, selecting second curtain on the camera makes it impossible to have the flash operating as manual on the camera. There are times when second curtain flash is an advantage. Regards, Mark
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