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  1. Thanks Guys, very nice pictures! Great colors and lighting. How would you judge the sharpness of the dome? I can't really tell from the small samples. No need to post 100% crops just tell me it's good and I'll be happy
  2. Anyone using the 20D in the Aquatica housing? I would like to see some pictures so I know what to expect. I've spent a lot of time browsing though this forum but couldn't find much. How does the 8inch dome perform compared to the more expensive options from subal etc? Aloha, Ryan
  3. Thanks again for all the replies! I've been looking at the 8inch a lot as it seems that some people are not really happy with the performance of the 17-40l and the ikelite dome. I also expect to take a lot of under-overs and the larger dome is supposed to better for that. Too bad though since it is a lot of cash for a plastic dome. Can anyone explain why a larger dome would be better for under-overs? Ike, any idea on how long till B&H will get some more 20D housings and DS-125 strobe packages in?
  4. Thanks for the input guys. I'm guessing that they are probably both great housings and I'm sure I'll be happy with either one. The Ikelite looks like an attractive option but I'll just wait for some reviews of the aquatica before I make up my mind.
  5. Thanks for answering my questions Jean. I'll do a search on TLL.
  6. Hi I need to decide on a UW setup for my 20D and I was wondering if anyone here could give me some advice. I'm going to be using the housing almost daily so reliability and durability would be a concern. I can't afford the SEA&SEA so I guess my only choices are Ikelite and Aquatica. Is electrolysis a big concern when choosing an aluminum housing? I have a 17-40l that I like on the surface, does anyone know how this lens performs underwater? Can anyone recommend a strobe? And do I really need two? How big of a deal is this TTL2 that the ikelite housings support. Thanks for your help Ryan
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