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  1. hmmm .... not compatible with strobes?.....oh well...thanks for your reply.
  2. Right...I think...?....and if I use the strobe then in theory the camera will adjust to the color temp of the flash and won't need either filter or white balance...i.e. just leave it on auto WB??? just trying to see what the collective wisdom is re filter before I go out and buy one. So far the only company that seems to make one for my pany housing is in Netherlands and is kinda pricey.
  3. thanks for your reply... yes there is a white balance option but should I use a red filter after i adjust white balance in manual or will it turn out TOO red?
  4. My Panasonic ZS3 has an underwater mode that does not allow for shutter speed adjustment for stills. If I go to "manual" mode I can adjust shutter speed but then I lose the reds etc., that I got from the UW mode. If I use a red filter in "manual" mode will this work? Has anyone tried it and what are the results? If I use a strobe will I not need a red filter? Also what if I use "manual" mode and a red filter for video? Thanks for all replies.
  5. Hmmm..... new to UW photos but have been diving since 1991 and have a new respect for UW photographers. I hope to learn more about this skill without crunching marine life.
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