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  1. @mudbhary sent you a msg, lmk if you have any questions or if you're looking for pics.
  2. Open to offers but... $125/ea for the extensions $200/ea for the pair of ys-110a $100 for the backup ys-110a (I'll fire off a few emails to see a new flash tube is possible for this) $250 for the ys-d1
  3. Have a little build up of gear to try to clear out. Aquatica Extension 18453 Aquatica Extension 18463 Aquatica Extension 18457 Sea & Sea YS-110a x2 - well used, but one of my favorites, includes diffusers Sea & Sea YS-110a x1 - picked it up as a backup, 1 of the 3 flash tubes doesn't fire Sea & Sea YS-D1 - got as part of a pkg buy, don't need Sea & Sea YS-D2 diffusers 120 x2 Sea & Sea YS-D2 diffusers 100 x2 Sea & Sea YS-110a diffuser (extra spare) Spare Retra LSD mounting kit for ys-110a strobe Strobes are older models but take both electrical and fiber, so (in my opinion) they are still very relevant. These ys-110a have honestly been the most reliable strobes I've shot. You won't shoot a fully lit, wide angle reefscape scene but these should suffice for anything outside of that, and possible fully stopped down snooted f/32 shots. Will add pics on request, but send me a msg if you see something of interest and we can work out the prices.
  4. Hey Aaron,  The port, extension ring and red protective cover have been sent via USPS two days ago.  Deliver will be by 7/8.  I sent you the tracking number on an earlier message.  

    Please send me $250 plus &19 shipping and insurance to tarponwriter@icloud.com via PayPal.

    Thank You.


  5. g3cko

    WTB: Subal DP54-B

    Pretty old post but going to bump just in case someone is cleaning their closet out
  6. I actually have that adapter from before I switched housings, let me try to track that down and send you a DM
  7. Thanks Eli - should of figured you would have some insight and experience here!
  8. Hi all - I previously came across this post on a DIY dome port, and having a backlog of "stuff I wanted to try" (eg, a custom port) I was curious to better understand how current ports are designed, and hopefully, without having to actually take mine apart hah. Does anyone have pictures (or hand drawings) from deconstructed dome/flat ports? Having a closer look at my Subal flat port, it does look to be (see my mspaint drawing): - flat edged glass inserted from "outside" (Saga lists it as "BK -7 8mm" thick for one of their macro ports, how thick are dome ports usually? guessing this can be calculated for depths) - some form of o-ring (is this a standard "round" o ring?) - a inner diameter smaller than the water facing side (to make a lip/edge that the glass "sits" on) This appears to be the same idea for the Nauticam flat port that I have too, as best I can tell. And also, what it looks like for my zen mini dome (for Subal). If the above is accurate, do you just "pop" these out via pushing from the inside out? I get this is a "do at your own risk" type of thing, I just wanted to ask in case anyone already has some old ports pulled apart (or super cheap, junked ports for sale).
  9. Speedy support here. Just to share more info here, it was pointed out that I was on an old firmware version (I forgot to update my Retra App on my phone) so it's possible this is fixed in the latest version.
  10. Thanks Oskar - will follow up in an email now!
  11. I just came back from a trip and had my flash lock up on me - has anyone else seen this? I went to turn on the power for my dive, the LED lit knob came on (to the wrong color) and then got stuck. Turning to the "off" position did nothing (led too IIRC) so I'm assuming some sort of software/bootup failure? Maybe it is mechanical though? I was without a strobe until I could surface and pull the batteries. Zero water, brand new eneloops, no super charger etc - I feel like I "might" have seen this once before but since this just happened, wanted to ask if anyone else has seen this (and since I know Oskar patrols here, maybe he can chime in since my emails go to someone else).
  12. Forgot to circle back here - thanks for the feedback everyone! I was unaware that the port + glass would be an o-ring still - will have to do a deeper look at my old port
  13. Anyone have one for sale by chance?
  14. Does anyone know what is "normally" used to bond/seal the glass (dome or flat) to a port for DSLR housings? I've been wanting to adapt an old port to Subal type 4 - I'm sure jb weld works, but thought I'd ask
  15. At $40k a body - Nikon will recoup their margins pretty quickly...
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