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  1. Hi All, I need to re-attach a plastic mounting for my optical sync cord on my ikelite case. It originally came with a double sided, thin foam tape that held it on, but it's been knocked off, and the pad destroyed in the process. Can I use any old double sided tape, or is there a special marine grade that I should look for? I don't want it to be permanent either, as I'd like to be able to remove it later if I swap housings / camera etc. Thanks Jason
  2. Thanks Straight M67, or AD / LD with adaptor? This is where a great deal of my confusion stems from.
  3. Hi, Full disclosure - I am still a relative beginner when it comes to UW photography, but I have managed to get pics I (and my ever understanding wife / buddy) like. I've assembled a decent rig that allows me to do what I want to do (a bit of still, a bit of video). My setup consists of: An RX100 mk1, housed in an Ikelite case + handles / tray An S&S YS-D1 Strobe, optically fired A FIT 2400 LED Video light In putting that together, it's usually been a case of bang for buck - I'd have loved to have a Recesa or Nauticam case for the camera, but couldn't justify it a the time. The DS1 was a bargain overseas purchase, and the video light was a bargain dive show special It all works great - but our last trip to Egypt showed that to get the benefit of the strobe, you of course need to minimise the distance to the subject... but then you end up loosing your amazing pic as you are already out as wide as you can go on the camera - and you end up not getting everything you want in the frame. So, I'm guessing I need a wide angle lens - and that's when the confusion starts... and the sharp intakes of breath at the prices. So what I'd like from the hive mind is what would be recommended to go with the kit I have. I've read so much about different mounts, fisheyes, domes, focal lengths, vignetting, type1 lenses vs type2 it's all getting a bit much. Once I know what I should be looking for, I can start searching for possibly good used items to save some cash - and not make a expensive mistake on eBay. Thanks in advance. Jason
  4. Hi Alex - I believe (from the exhibitors list) that Underwater Visions will be at the NEC Dive show at the end of the month. Will you have any of these lights on hand that weekend for joe public to have a look at? After Dan Bolts glowing review and recommendation: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=50759&p=337761 I'm very interested in one. Thanks, Jason
  5. Thanks for the reply, Dan - much appreciated. I wonder if they'll have them on offer at the Dive show in Brum at the end of the month...
  6. Hi all - first post, hope you can point me in the right direction. I'm still quite new to UW photography, and as such don't have a massive set-up. Just a compact camera (Fuji F660EXR in a Fuji Housing) and a single external strobe (Sea & Sea YS-D1). With this, I get what I deem are decent still image results for a beginner. Anyway - the camera can also do video, so I've been shooting movies as well as taking photos during dives... and getting OK but obviously very blue results. This was reinforced when I tried to video mine and my wife's recent dives on the Thistlegorm - murky video, not helped by me trying to use a small dive torch to illuminate the view which ended up looking like a laser beam on the footage. So - I guess I need a video light. After a lot of googling (and getting more & more confused over lumens and burn times and beam angles) I've stumbled across this site and forum thread. All that prior research had me thinking about an i-Torch Pro 6 as an all in one solution (mainly due to the replaceable batteries and the price compared to other brands), but having read this thread, I'm now leaning toward the FIT 2400. What I need to know is wether it's a good match for my current equipment - and can I get away with one of them? I guess I'm asking that question to the two owners that have posted here (Dan & Andy) The camera is 24mm (35mm camera equiv) at the wide end. Sorry for the rambling! Thanks in advance, Jason
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