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  1. @ChrisRoss I saw that replacements are offered, but I’m actually interested in trying a few variations out to see if gripping power is higher for splitshot/ stream environments where portions of the arms are out of the water for periods of time. I also tend to carry my housings for long distances hiking up and down rivers, and notice that there is some slipping of the arms while moving between pools. ***I’ll note that this is a very atypical use of this gear, and have never had a problem while snorkeling or scuba diving with Nauticam arms/clamps/O-rings. From what I can tell the O-rings on the Nauticam are 4mm wide, 17mm ID, 24mm OD silicon which are stretched to 28mm over the ball joint. I’m curious to try out ones made of Viton fluroelastomer due to the hardness properties— but don’t have any idea if that will make a difference. Has anyone played around with different materials, cross section shape, and/or sizes for this purpose?
  2. @Zyndell just out of curiosity, did the replacement o rings work for your arms? I’m looking around for some for my Nauticam arms, but I’m not sure they are the exact same size.
  3. Great transaction with @rgilkes on his recent purchase. Prompt communication and payment. Looking forward to seeing what they create with the new housing.
  4. For my custom key settings I have prioritized the following: ISO adjustment, white balance, eye focus select, APS-C shooting, auto iso minimum shutter settings, and finder/monitor select. I still haven't modified the #6 button (on the first page), but as we all know, touch functions don't work for us underwater. I also don't have anything to replace the tracking function set, but would love to hear if anyone has made that work for them underwater. What do other settings do Sony shooters use for their camera systems?
  5. Hey everyone, I'm working on setting up my new Sony Alpha camera's custom buttons, menus, and memory recall settings. In a search of the forum, I couldn't locate any past topics on this subject-- if anyone knows of similar threads, please let me know! I'm curious what other wet pixel members here use for their custom settings. With my initial setup I used some suggestions from Colby Brown, and also downloaded his custom setup. With that post I also noticed that you can share these custom settings among users, which I would be more than happy to do if others are interested. As I've set my system up I've focused the my menu system on file management and remote shooting (menu 1), video settings (my menu 2), and photo settings (my menu 3). I'll detail my custom dial settings in another reply to help organize this thread.
  6. I’ve thought about this as well. In the case of using the phone as a monitor (such as monitor+ on the iPhone for Sony cameras) another way besides a hdmi wired connection is to get a wireless signal via a coaxial cable. In some cases I’ve been able to get the wireless signal from the camera through the housing in short distances, but I’m certain it won’t work through water. This could be solved by a pretty simple bulkhead connector.
  7. What I’m wondering about is the 28mm end of the 28-60 behind the flat port. My understanding is that the lens extends as you zoom towards 60mm, therefore leaving more room between the lens and the flat port 45 at the wide end. Has anyone noticed any difference between the 2 lenses on the wide end with the WWL?
  8. With the 28-60 (vs the 28 F2.0) is there any difference in the close focusing abilities due to the increased distance between the lens and the flat port? One of my favorite things about the WWL is its ability to focus right up to the dome. Has anyone tested that out yet?
  9. Would love to discuss further. I’ll send you a Direct message to inquire.
  10. Thank you all for the very helpful suggestions. I plan to shoot both video and photos equally, but at this time do not plan to use the images for morphometric, or other scientific uses that require zero distortion. I have a A7sIII on preorder, as well as a Nauticam housing-- I can't wait to start sharing some photos of spawning salmon next month. For the time being I've decided to go with the 28mm flat port, and WWL combination, as well as a 90mm macro port. Down the line I may add in a 8-15 fisheye... but I decided to hold off on that for now.
  11. Does anyone know if the new Sony 20mm 1.8 is compatible with the fisheye converter? If so, has anyone tried it out under water to check optical quality?
  12. I wanted to share with everyone here, the release of Patagonia's latest feature documentary: Artifishal Over the last 2 years I have been helping with the effort, with the aim to bring attention to the issue of fish farms and hatcheries throughout the world. Please check out the film tour, and if there is not a showing in your area, be sure to request one!
  13. Has anyone done the update on an A7riii or A9 that can share their experience?
  14. Interested, will this also fit on mirrorless housings?
  15. With the release of Sony's new firmware update (3.0), I am curious if any underwater photographers have been able to test it out yet. I'm curious how it does with many eyes, and fast moving subjects. Here is a link to how the function works: https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1720/v1/en/contents/TP0001667680.html and here is a link to the announcement on Sony Alpha Rummors: https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/official-sony-a7iii-help-guide-explains-you-the-new-firmware-update-features/
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