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  1. Thanks for this discussion-- If folks are interested in sharing their particular custom set up profiles there is also this thread which discusses that topic: Since it is easy to save and share set-up profiles I would be keen to try other people's custom settings!
  2. I do have to say....for me in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon) shooting salmon and other species in freshwater rivers, it is often difficult to stay below 3200 ISO even at 5.6. We really struggle to find enough light between forest canopies and deep topographic relief. Most days the only natural light comes from an indirect source.
  3. Thanks Johan! I've been trying to figure out how to solve that problem myself and will try your configuration. Would you be willing to to share you custom settings file so I could just load it up and give it a whirl?
  4. Here is a thread I started regarding custom setups of the Sony systems— would love to hear how everyone else is setting up their cameras.
  5. That’s awesome! Would you be willing to share the pdf/CAD drawings you developed?
  6. Nice work! Who did the custom foam?
  7. Thanks for the report @TimG which area of the Turks and Caicos were you at? I dove there a decade ago with the School for Field Studies field station on south Caicos. Lots of fond memories running into humpbacks on the wall, and researching the marine reserves for lobster and conch!
  8. I don’t know if others use American Sign Language while diving, but my college room mate and Iof mine and I enjoy carrying on conversation by that means while underwater. It probably isn’t generally accepted, but the “lights off” sign could probably be adapted for use underwater in this circumstance.
  9. Hi there, I'm interested! Sent you a direct message to discuss the details.
  10. @Davide DB the two buoyancy arms are attached to the two front tripod mounting balls that I added to the underside of my housing. See below for a side view that shows that more clearly. Now only if I could get my camera display to show only the settings so I could keep a clean feed on my monitor....
  11. Thanks for the great discussion everyone-- its obvious that there are many ways to configure one's setup! I ended up getting 2 Nauticam arms (75mm double ball arms) and a standard multi-purpose clamp (with the ball mount attachment) to run off of my extra housing mounting points. This is most similar to the second photo I originally shared without dealing with the triple clamp. It provides quite a bit of flexibility for running the monitor in the above, behind, or 45 degree angle configuration. There is extra room below to run the controls, and allows the monitor and HDMI cable to tuck in quite nicely behind the camera housing. An additional benefit is that it allows me to more easily control buoyancy in the shallow environments I frequently work in and still have independent lighting control. Let me know if you see any ways to improve upon the design here!
  12. @Tom_Kline Don't you use a ULCS clamp with a modified arm to provide a similar mounting point to photo #3 above? While the GH5/S and other housings have a cold-shoe attachment point for center mounting, not many other housings have that option. I seem to remember coming across a photo of that--- can you share it here?
  13. Hi all, In short order I will be receiving an underwater monitor and I am looking to determine the mounting strategy I will use. All of the arrangements I've come across are shown below (attached). Are there any that you find helpful that I haven't yet discovered? Kind regards, Conrad
  14. Wanting to bring this conversation to the top since I know more and more people have got their hands on the A1. Let me know how you set up your custom buttons!
  15. Have this same question. Does anyone have experience with the anglerfish monitor?
  16. Hey Phil, thanks for this valuable info-- I'm looking into the Tamron 17-28 or one of the 16-35 Sony lenses for a split shot setup (in rivers where larger domes are more prohibitive and likely to get scratched) How did the 180mm dome preform with the 16-35 F4 and the Tamron? Were you able to use the S&S correction filter with each combo?
  17. Thanks for sharing your process! This was helpful for me!
  18. I should also mention that I am mostly working in freshwater stream environments where switching lenses/ diopters can be done within the same outing (although not easily in some cases due to weather). My subjects are typically juvenile salmonids, but there are also freshwater mussels, and other macro invertebrates which are great fun with the 90mm macro-- I'm just trying to figure out how to widen the capability of my system. It seems that if the SMC-1 can help get the 28-60 closer to 1:1, and if it can extend the 90mm macro capabilities to 2.2 then that would be the best option.... let me know if others have different opinions!
  19. @ChrisRoss Thanks for the insights! I currently have both the 90mm macro and the 28-60mm and I'm considering either purchasing either the CMC-1 or SMC-1 as I don't any diopters now. From my initial research it does seem like the CMC-1 is compatible with each lens, but not the SMC-1. What I'm trying to figure out is what the difference is between the [28-60+CMC-1] relative to both the [90mm+SMC] and [28-60mm+SMC]. Do you see any advantage to having the [90mm+SMC] over the benefits of the [28-60+CMC1] and the 90mm w/o a diopter?
  20. @Phil Rudin How does the 90mm macro and the SMC-1 compare to the 28-60mm and the CMC-1 in both working distance, and depth of field? I am in the situation you mentioned above (owning both) and I'm trying to decide between the two.
  21. @ChrisRoss I saw that replacements are offered, but I’m actually interested in trying a few variations out to see if gripping power is higher for splitshot/ stream environments where portions of the arms are out of the water for periods of time. I also tend to carry my housings for long distances hiking up and down rivers, and notice that there is some slipping of the arms while moving between pools. ***I’ll note that this is a very atypical use of this gear, and have never had a problem while snorkeling or scuba diving with Nauticam arms/clamps/O-rings. From what I can tell the O-rings on the Nauticam are 4mm wide, 17mm ID, 24mm OD silicon which are stretched to 28mm over the ball joint. I’m curious to try out ones made of Viton fluroelastomer due to the hardness properties— but don’t have any idea if that will make a difference. Has anyone played around with different materials, cross section shape, and/or sizes for this purpose?
  22. @Zyndell just out of curiosity, did the replacement o rings work for your arms? I’m looking around for some for my Nauticam arms, but I’m not sure they are the exact same size.
  23. Great transaction with @rgilkes on his recent purchase. Prompt communication and payment. Looking forward to seeing what they create with the new housing.
  24. For my custom key settings I have prioritized the following: ISO adjustment, white balance, eye focus select, APS-C shooting, auto iso minimum shutter settings, and finder/monitor select. I still haven't modified the #6 button (on the first page), but as we all know, touch functions don't work for us underwater. I also don't have anything to replace the tracking function set, but would love to hear if anyone has made that work for them underwater. What do other settings do Sony shooters use for their camera systems?
  25. Hey everyone, I'm working on setting up my new Sony Alpha camera's custom buttons, menus, and memory recall settings. In a search of the forum, I couldn't locate any past topics on this subject-- if anyone knows of similar threads, please let me know! I'm curious what other wet pixel members here use for their custom settings. With my initial setup I used some suggestions from Colby Brown, and also downloaded his custom setup. With that post I also noticed that you can share these custom settings among users, which I would be more than happy to do if others are interested. As I've set my system up I've focused the my menu system on file management and remote shooting (menu 1), video settings (my menu 2), and photo settings (my menu 3). I'll detail my custom dial settings in another reply to help organize this thread.
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