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  1. Hi I would like to buy a housing with macro port and dome port for my Oly OMD EM1 camera. I prefer the Subal, nauticam or olympus housings, but everything is interesting at the moment. If you have a housing you like to sell please send me a message. If you know about someone or a dealer that sell the house at low price please inform me. Thank you
  2. Hi Still got the housing? Price? Pics?
  3. Hi Is this equipment sold? Do you still like to sell?? Send me an e-mail if you are still intrested in selling kavset(a)gmail.com
  4. Is it any one that have tryed the UWL-H100 with the dome on the LX7? Can any one upload a photo with this setup? I'm really interested to see how that looks. It's a bit too expensive to by just for testing
  5. Is this the same for both LX7 and RX100? Or can you get a better fisheye on the RX-100? You see I'm tying hard to decide witch camera to by, but my knowledge is limited yet...
  6. I'm suprised to! It looks like this cameras is used by many of us, so why I don't know... Tanks for the feedback kc_moses
  7. Hi I've been diving for almost two years now without a camera after I drowned my last one, a Canon S80. Now I'm trying to find out what type of camera to by as my next one, and would like some help from you all. I have been looking at SLR cams, but I would like to have the ability to do macro and WA one the same dive. Also I would like to have something that is lighter and easier to travel with and has less drag in the sea. After looking a bit around on the net and in here, I can see that there is 3-4 types that seem to be the one that will fill my needs if I get some equipment to go with them. What I'm asking first of all is what camera is the best for diving when macro and WA is the most important and video is nice to have? Second is, what equipment do I need to be able to do both macro and WA with these cams? The cam's I have been looking at is: Panasonic LX7 Sony RX-100 mk2 Canon G15 Canon G16 (this one do not have any housing other than the canon housing) I'm greatfull for all the help I can get here
  8. What do you think the price of the Nauticam housing for the RX-100 mk 2 will be?
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