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  1. I'm interested in buying this dome. Could you please email me at nattee2@hotmail.com? Thanks
  2. I am using the same model as yours but most of the time I use manual setting with manual strobe adjustment. For wide angel, I normally use F4 - F8 and F8 - F22 for macro. Enjoy!!
  3. Or you may try to find more information about Supermacro equipment of Reefnet at www.reefnet.ca. It's called Subsee. There are 2 models of Subsee which are Subsee+5 and Subsee+10. There is a tool in its website to simulate your macro with Subsee to see what magnifier you will get on your image. For example, I am using Canon 100mm Macro with Subsee+10. I will get the object 2.1x bigger than using only 100mm macro.
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