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  1. Hi everyone, good to meet you! I live in Key Largo and have the amazing opportunity to shoot tons of photos on some of the most beautiful reefs in America. Currently I've got a Cannon G12 with an Ikelite DS160, an Ikelite housing, and the WD-4 Dome Port. One day I'll have a big boy camera like a 70D and can move on from the compacts. I'm up for feedback and really want to progress and get better as a photographer both above and below the surface of the water.
  2. Rinsing aside I soke my housing for a couple of hours just for GP. Every year I pop the buttons apart (Ikelite houseing) to inspect them, clean everything, and replace the O-Rings if needed. The housing O-Rings are changed every 200 dives or as needed. One of the things I do to help the O-Rings out a bit is to leave the housing open, same thing with the batteries of my strobes. Sending it periodically to get serviced and pressure tested isn't a bad idea either. Jeff
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