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  1. Hi everyone I am trying to make up my mind about the Seafrogs ( or Meikon ) housing for Sony a6500. The price point is very attractive but I need some real life trusted feedback about their new interchangeable port housings rated at 60m. i've seen some reviews out there but most of them are surfers not divers. Has anyone purchased their housing and dived with it? What is your opinion about it?
  2. thanks, yes it is. they produce it under the " seafrogs" brand. so, has anyone here actually used it ?
  3. Hi has any one tested the Seafrogs ST-100 Pro Underwater strobe ? I am looking for reviews to decide whether to buy or not but I couldn't find any. https://seafrogs.com.hk/collections/uw-strobe/products/st-100-underwater-strobe
  4. thanks for the great advice everyone . the avanti quattro are my second pair of fins actually. i had a pair of Beuchat close pocket fins t for 2 years but they got broken suddenly. i was snorkeling not even diving and both rims broke with no clear reason. thats why i am concerned about my new pair
  5. thanks guys , i got a pair of DS161
  6. Hi i just bought a new pair of Mares avanti quattro. these are the first pair i own actually. how should i keep them between trips ? i read some advices to lay them flat and spray talc powder of them ? is there another way to keep them in good shape ?
  7. Hi I just bought 2 DS161 strobes with 2 x Ikelite Double Arm (15cm + 22cm with 3.2 cm diameter balls ). I didn't dive with the new set yet. on the ground no matter how tight the clamps are, the strobes and arms always slip and can't hold position. is that normal ? will they hold position underwater ?
  8. Hi i just bought 2 DS161 strobes with arms and i need to make floats. has anyone tried to use packing styrofoam as floats ? is it going to compress undereater at depths of 30 m ?
  9. I'm looking for ikelite strobes to work with TTL ikelite housing. preferably in Europe.
  10. Hi anyone wants to sell DS160 or DS161 in Europe ?
  11. i purchased an Ikelite housing for my D7000 from albert kok . quick response and good price. i took the housing last month to dive trip in Ras Mohamed -Sharm Elsheikh and I was very pleased.
  12. Hi has anyone tried the Olympus PEN E-PM1 in underwater photography ? i am planning to get this mirrorless small camera & housing as my first underwater kit along with sea&sea YS-01 strobe. do you have any practical feedback about it ?
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