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  1. Absolutely fantastic! After discovery it's evident a ton of hard work went into the process and I'm excited to see the scientific community's recognition of both the species AND that work. Congratulations!
  2. That’s good to hear. It saves a little money but also relieves me of having to carry around another port halfway around the world. My packing space (the critical carryon) is crazy limited and kinda at capacity as it stands. Nauticam does make the manual focus gear for the 105 which is universal and works with both ports (already included in my final tab… ) Thanks for your help! james
  3. Hi all! Question for those who may have some insight… I currently own a Nauticam NA-D7100 housing with the Macro Port 60 (for Nikon’s 60mm macro lens.) I have just purchased Nikon’s 105mm macro lens and I am trying to decide on a port selection. Nauticam states on their port chart that you can use the 105 lens with either a dedicated Macro Port 87 or the combo of the Macro Port 60 (which I already have) and their Extension Ring 30. Is there any optical quality difference between those two choices? Is the dedicated Port 87 better optically for any reason? (I plan on using my SubSee +10 Magnifier on the end of either port and was worried about the possibility that the 105 lens won’t sit as close to the glass using the Macro 60/Extension combo as it will sitting in the Macro 87) This is of course pure bovine-scatology speculation on my part tho … still, gotta ask before I drop anymore cash. thnx for any help or suggestions, james
  4. Items no longer for sale. Moderators: please note or remove post as per forum rules/needs, thnx. james
  5. Lars, I agree with tdpriest- Nikon's Matrix metering for both wide angle and macro can lead to an exposure misinterpretation underwater. I also shoot with a d7100 and would say I'm set on center weighted metering about 70% of the time and spot meeting the other 30% (talking about wide angle now.). I will shoot on manual (both camera and strobes) while using the viewfinder exposure meter as a base line guide for camera and strobe settings and make my choice of aperture and shutter speed depend on what I want to express (shallow depth of field, blue water backgrounds, etc.) I prefer the manual settings because it gives the diver total control over the artistic outcome of the composition, rather than allowing the camera's exposure models to decide for you. You just need to experiment with different combinations of settings. You're right, though... It is no doubt more labor intensive - initially, but as you gain experience it will soon become more intuitive and a larger advantage for you with a much greater range of tools in your box. With practice, you will start to anticipate your favorite settings for a range of scenes, just remember to enjoy every moment! I am just a newbie in this world of UW photography and it sometimes seems very frustrating when the outcomes are no way near my intentions but that just gives me more reason to dive again... more practice! Lol... If you have the chance, try to shoot in RAW and not JPEG. This will give you a whole lot more options for tweaks with programs like Lightroom just in case the settings didn't yield what you were looking for. Again, the final product will be more in your hands than what the camera chooses. james
  6. Hi all! Recently changed camera bodies and looking to sell. Equipment was purchased in Nov last year and only used on only one dive trip, 12 dives total, all in excellent condition. The Nauticam housing has had Nauticam’s Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System installed by Reef Photo and Video. All prices include shipping within USA. Nauticam NA-D7100 Underwater Housing $2,560 Nikon D7100 (Body Only) $870 Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens $150 Please feel free to PM, email (jlteverini@gmail.com) or call (540-220-8548) with any questions James
  7. Hi everyone! I’ve been diving for a little over 15 years but have just recently entered the world of UW photography. Crazy excited about all the things I can learn from Wetpixel, the collective experience here seems beyond comprehension; everyone seems very kind and very willing to discuss just about anything and everything diving. Looking forward to my new UW world! James :yahoo:
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