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  1. Overall, this housing is good. The housing cannot control the on/off of the camera. One big problem I found recently is that the CP5000 "hang" after taking 2xx photos. It happened once underwater and once on land with two CP5000 of the same firmware v1.8. Switch off and on the camera again solved the problem. I have no idea why that'd happen. Maybe I should file a question to Nikon. When buying the housing, be sure to check the hot-shoe to 5-pin N port cable has all 5 pins linked! One of my friends who owned a DX-5000 some years ago only got 2 pins linked (Trigger and Ground). That makes TTL not possible. Taking RAW seems impossible. My Sandisk Ultra II 2GB takes 14seconds for one RAW image! The battery can last for two dives.
  2. Hi there, I've been using the Nikon CP5000 for a while. The write time of a RAW image is 34 seconds on a normal CF card. It goes down to 14 seconds with the Sandisk Ultra II CF card. I'm wondering the performance with Sandisk Extreme III CF card, which should be double of the speed of Ultra II. It'd be wonderful if it could go down to 7 seconds. Have anyone tested the Nikon CP5000 with Sandisk Extreme III CF card? Thanks! Hugh
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