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  1. Ok here is my question of the day. Have an Olympus EPL-3 with a 10 bar housing, ys-01 stobe, and 10x diopter. Was going to upgrade to the 60mm olympus lens (and flat port extension etc.) and a second strobe. Talked to the guys at Optical Ocean Sales and they have a deal on the Olympus OMD E-PL5 w/ Olympus housing for what seems like a pretty screaming deal, they tell me that the E-PM5 is leaps and bounds better than my old E-PL3, I know that this sounds like up-sell but I have never gotten that from them and trust their advice. Question is am I being up-sold? is there a real reason that I should wholesale upgrade my camera rather than throw money at my old kit? I am not a world class photographer but I have really gotten in to the macro shooting as I become a better photographer, and I know that the gear does not make the photo/photographer. Just want some thoughts. Should I stick to the addition of the port extension, second strobe, 60mm lens or launch in to this brave new world of the entire new camera rig?
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