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  1. simply curious, does anyone have any underwater experience with the panasonic 14mm f2.5 with dedicated fisheye conversion lens (dmw-gfc1) inside a f.i.x. 4.33" dome? i have searched many forums on many sites and find very little information regarding either of these. there is also a macro conversion lens for the 14mm which costs $35.00.
  2. hello, i was about to start a new thread with exactly the same question as you asked over a year ago. i thought perhaps i would start by asking how you have made out with the 14mm pancake and the fisheye conversion lens. i have a f.i.t. 4.33" dome, and the dedicated 12-50 port, and while looking for a panasonic 8mm f/e, stumbled upon these little conversion lenses. are they a viable option underwater?
  3. hello, will you accept $200.00? what is the estimated shipping cost to los angeles, california?
  4. hello, have you sold the light yet? it has been listed for quite a while, but i'm looking for a focus light. thanks, martyn mkeats55@gmail.com
  5. hello again, i am interested in purchasing your dome, tray and viewfinder adaptor, if they are still available.
  6. hi, is the 9-18 lens, gear and port still available? if so, how much? i am interested. thanks, mk
  7. i am searching for a used nauticam dome port and gear set for the olympus omd em5 12-50mm kit lens. also looking for a panasonic 8mm fisheye and 4.33"dome. if there is one out there, please contact me: mkeats55@gmail.com thanks
  8. hello, will you accept $400.00 for the dome and the flexi-tray? thanks, martyn mkeats55@gmail.com
  9. hi again, best way to reach me is: mkeats55@gmail.com thanks, mk
  10. hello, if not yet sold, i am very interested. can do a deal today. please advise, thanks, martyn
  11. hello, has this stuff sold yet? thanks, mk mkeats55@gmail.com
  12. hi, do you still have the dome ports? will you sell them seperately? thanks, mk mkeats55@gmail.com
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