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  1. Tom, That is very nice photography, especially the image with the three salmons. Very nice. Thanks for sharing your set-up. I am afraid that such a setup is beyond my possibilities. It's a fortune that you have there. I will have to go the DIY way, I am afraid, Rob
  2. I have been drawing more than one periscope. I can do some things with it, but the main problem, that kept me from realising this option, is that I cannot do any wide angle photography with such a system. What you see at the mirror is a rectangle the size of that mirror. Still I will probably create a system for some work. So I will take a look at your link. Thanks for the thoughts anyway.
  3. Wifi for two reasons, is not a good option. 1 no more then 5 inches through water. 2 very slow on transferring data (RAW files) I didn't know anout the canon powershots, that you can control them through usb. Could you also share with what? I will check that out and see if there is some manual control on them. Oh yeah, I do realise the size of the housing. That is why I started researching other options in the first place.
  4. Hello, I have several ideas for photography/images from just under the surface of the water. Think of amphibians that mate and sprawn in pools, so shallow that diving would not be an option, amongs many other ideas. I have been floating (still am) between buying a gopro or another compact with housing, a Nikon AW1 or a housing for my DSLR. Alternatively I would built a waterproof tank myself. Whatever I decide, it will depend on the connectivity from the UW-system with a gadget on land. I need to see what the camera sees and must be able to change camera settings. The only way to do this comfortably is wired through USB. Wifi, I think, is not really an option when you work with RAW files. I have been reading a few reports about modifying the flash port of a commercial housing in a way that it was tranformed into a USB slot, but I do not really want to go this way, unless somebody can suggest me a simple solution with an existing housing. The software that enables to communicate with a camera through USB, is, as far as I know, only compatible with DSLR camera's. That excludes compacts from the project. If some of you knows of software (or hardware) that would control a compact, i would be happy to here. A good compact would be a great option in some of the locations where I want to go, because of the shallow water. Lastly, a gopro hero has too limited manual control for serious photography. Remains the DIY option. I could built a tank for a DSLR and buy a waterproof USB connector, a waterproof USB cable and put it together. Then i will have a tablet on land to communicate wired with the camera. But I fear condensation problems. I guess, these are of the same magnitude as with a commercial housing. Or not! Especially regarding this potential hazard, i would be happy to get some advise. Would I need a sort of ventilation system. I could make a tube that connects the air in the tank with the air on land and blow air into this. I am just thinking. I don't know. Or would this make things worse? But also, i would be happy with any advise, any suggestion, any potential issue that has slipped my mind, of how to realise this project of having a camera just under the water surface and communicate with it being on land. Many thanks, Rob
  5. Hello, I am a photographer but not at all a diver. I have other reasons to be here. I have ideas for several UW projects, but I will remain on land. The camera will be just under the surface of the water. I hope to ask for advise here, of how to solve issues regarding the set-up I have in mind. Hope to meet you in those threads. Rob
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