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  1. Hey all, I would like to start doing more pool photography and i would like to purchase some backgrounds to cover the ugly pool tiles. I am lost in which fabric would be most suited for this. Any tips would be highly appreciated! Kind regards, Petra
  2. pvb

    WTB Nauticam 5d ii

    Really? Didn´t knew that. I know there is one for the 5d and for the 5diii. What would be the reason they didn´t make one? Could the 5dii possible fit in the 5d one? Thanks for replying! Petra
  3. Hi Richard, Thanks for your time and your clear explanation. I wish the Keldan lights would be in my budget right now. I guess I will need to practice ambient light only first. What about focus? Do you ever use manual focus or do you think it is possible using auto focus only? Kind regards, Petra
  4. Hi all, I am ready to make the step from still photography to video. I am using a Nauticam 7d setup. I am looking out for general tips on shooting video with this setup. Also which lens would you prefer? Tokina 10-17 for his quality or sigma 17-70 for his greater zoom range. What would be the first to invest in? *video light *extension ring with focus knob *external monitor *... Any must read books or great workshops on dslr underwater videography? Looking forward to hear some opinions and hear some tips. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi All, Looking for a Nauticam housing for my Canon 5dii Kind regards! Petra
  6. Hi all, I am looking for a backup or an upgrade for my actual setup. Interested in Nauticam housing body only for 550d, 7dii or 6d. Many thanks, Petra
  7. Thanks, I am going to order the novus and give it a go!
  8. I got two wide angle Nauticam dome ports, the 8.5" and the 4.33" and i managed to get them both scratched. I saw some youtube videos in which they polish the dome ports with a novus kit but then i heard you canot do this if the port is coated. I have no clue if this is the case with the nauticams i have. Should i give it a go?
  9. I will and the Martin Edge book is on the way. For the moment it is complicated because the arm to inon adaptor is defected. I ordered online and it arrived like that..I called it in and they promised me to send a new one which never arrived. In the meantime i continued shooting with the strobe attached to the arms with straps . Not so easy to work with...I ordered another one from another place that is on the way. Another thing i need might be floaters to keep the arms up high?
  10. I am using an inon Z240 and an inon D2000 both with 0.5 white diffuser.
  11. Thanks, I would love to take a workshop of Alex Mustard. I just had a look at these strobe diffusers as well: http://www.nauticam.co.uk/glowdive-strobe-diffusers/ Looks good
  12. Hi Steve, I love lightning, hate lighting at the moment . Thanks for pointing that one out! Thanks for all the tips. I am going to try to find the Martin Edge book today! And i guess i need to attach some floaters on my strobe arms to help keeping them up. Thanks for your time, Regards, Petra
  13. Hi all, I am just starting my underwater photography adventure and what causes my biggest headache so far is the lighting. On a lot of pictures I have a lot of harsh double shades showing. Any recommendations?
  14. I am looking for an affordable nauticam 8.5" dome port, as well as the tokina 10-17mm with zoom gear within Europe.
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