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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve decided to bring both. I would have killed my self if i would have missed a great opportunity just because I didn’t want to carry an extra lens and port.
  2. Ill be going to Roatan in the near future. Im currently deciding if I should take the Wide angle or Macro lens or both. Any recommendations?
  3. So I bought an "ultra-thin" external battery with the following dimensions 3.7”x2.4”x0.2”in). Unfortunately it didn't fit. I'll be waiting for Aquatica's battery now or some other ideas.
  4. Has anybody used an external battery inside an Aquatica housing for Sony a7R II. I've never had an issue with battery life while using wide angle lens but recently I started using a Macro lens (90mm) and all the focusing seems to drain the battery quicker. I now that Nauticam sells an external battery, but I'm using a flash trigger therefore I'm unable to use it. The housing seems to have some available spaces. I was looking into this battery BigBlue Power Bank With Built-in Lightning Cable (https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01NAQQTA9/ref=psdc_7073960011_t3_B01KUVLMPK). Any experiences or suggestions?
  5. Which dome did you use? Post pics when you have them.
  6. Has anyone used this lens with their Sony a7r ii? I've never shot Macro and haven't bought the Sony 90mm to use in my Aquatica housing due to its cost nd because I will like it. Big investment for something that I'm not sure if I'll get into. The Tamron lens is almost half the price. Still debating...
  7. Thanks Viz'art! Mauricio and you have provided excelent Information.
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