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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve decided to bring both. I would have killed my self if i would have missed a great opportunity just because I didn’t want to carry an extra lens and port.
  2. Ill be going to Roatan in the near future. Im currently deciding if I should take the Wide angle or Macro lens or both. Any recommendations?
  3. So I bought an "ultra-thin" external battery with the following dimensions 3.7”x2.4”x0.2”in). Unfortunately it didn't fit. I'll be waiting for Aquatica's battery now or some other ideas.
  4. Has anybody used an external battery inside an Aquatica housing for Sony a7R II. I've never had an issue with battery life while using wide angle lens but recently I started using a Macro lens (90mm) and all the focusing seems to drain the battery quicker. I now that Nauticam sells an external battery, but I'm using a flash trigger therefore I'm unable to use it. The housing seems to have some available spaces. I was looking into this battery BigBlue Power Bank With Built-in Lightning Cable (https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01NAQQTA9/ref=psdc_7073960011_t3_B01KUVLMPK). Any experiences or suggestions?
  5. Which dome did you use? Post pics when you have them.
  6. Has anyone used this lens with their Sony a7r ii? I've never shot Macro and haven't bought the Sony 90mm to use in my Aquatica housing due to its cost nd because I will like it. Big investment for something that I'm not sure if I'll get into. The Tamron lens is almost half the price. Still debating...
  7. Thanks Viz'art! Mauricio and you have provided excelent Information.
  8. No one? No opinions, reviews or comments? Can the Aquatica a7r II housing be used for the Sony a7 II? The Aquatica web site does no specify, but in Backscatter it states that it is also for the a7 II. The flash trigger is included in Aquatica and not the Nauticam so there is a $200 saving right there.
  9. Items 3-19 SOLD!!! Still available are items 1 and 2. 1. Nikon D-7100 (+extras) 2. Nikon 18-200mm lens 700.00 USD
  10. Anyone using an Aquatica housing for Sony a7R II? What lenses and ports are you using? Let me know the pros and cons.I've used a Nautical housing and have no complaints but for this camera it seems that Aquatica has a lot more to offer. They include the flash trigger and the ports used are the same ones used for the DSLR models. There is a lot of information about Nauticam but none for Aquatica for this camera.
  11. Items 3 to 19 6,200. S&H not included. Payment via PayPal.
  12. Christmas special: All items (including items 1 & 2) except the strobes and viewfinder for: 5,200 USD. less than half of original cost! Buyer takes care of S&H.
  13. Yes, still available. I sent you a pm.
  14. Prices are not written in stone. Offers are accepted.
  15. Hi. At the moment I do not want to split more than previously described. Depending on future offers, I might split it. I'll let you know.
  16. Scuff marks are visible to the eye on the Zen glass dome, but it's not noticeable in the photos (I added some pictures taken by me). Minor wear signs on ball adapters, but overall it's in excellent condition. One of the bolts from the lanyard was lost and I replaced it with a regular screw. If you notice at the bottom of the housing there is a thick black piece of foam. I bought aircraft grade pvc foam (same kind used in StIX floats) to make a base for the housing. It does not compress with depth like regular foam and helps with flotability. It also keeps the bottom from scratching. Some samples B-29 wreck in Puerto Rico Great Hammerhead, Bahamas
  17. Selling my setup. Never flooded. Some items have never seen or touched water. Shipping included to USA. Outside USA the buyer pays for shipping. PayPal only. Reasonable offers accepted. Ido not want to split it except for description below. 1. Nikon D-7100 (+extras) 2. Nikon 18-200mm lens 700.00 USD ---------------------------------- 3. Nauticam NA-D7100 4. (2)Inon Z-240 Type 4 Strobe w/ball adapter + optic cable 5. Zen DP-100 6. Nauticam Macro Port 60 (never used) 7. Nauticam 8.5 Acrylic Dome (used twice) 8. Tokina 10-17mm 9. Tokina 10-17 zoom gear 10. Kenko teleconverter 1.4x pro 300 for Tokina 10-14 (never used) 11. Kenko teleconverter zoom gear (never used) 12. Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4 DC macro (never used while diving) 13. Sigma 17-70 Zoom gear (never used) 14. Larnyard 17cm mount ball kit 15. Nauticam Extension Ring 30 w/lock (never used) 16. Nauticam Extension Ring 70 w/lock (never used) 17. Nauticam 180 Viewfinder 18. (2)ULCS Bouyancy arm 8x2” 19. (4)ULCS AC-CSB long clamp 6,500.00 USD 5,200 without arms, clamps, strobes (ball adapter and cable), and viewfinder. -------------------------- 7,000 for all items --------------------------
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