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  1. Hi I am selling my complete underwater photography set, i has been used for maybe 10 times. I am selling it because i dont have the time to dive anymore:( Sorry for my English its not very good.] The set include's Canon 7d with 2 baterry's and grip is like new only used for 10 times underwater and its was a backup camera in the studio. 60mm macro Ikelite canon 7d house with vacuum safety 8inch dome 60mm dome 100mm dome 2 standaard dome's 2 pelicase's ikelite ds125 flash witch cable and diffuser strobe arm Al the equipment is in holland, i can send it safely and you can pay with paypal. For more info please give me a mail info@maxoudendijkphotography.com
  2. Hello, By using too little goes my almost unused ikelite set sale . This is a house for ikelite canon 7d with vaculoc chek , will you know if it is locked securely . Ikelite ports , 8inch dome and two dome ports for Canon 60mm and 100mm macro and 2 Customized reports . Ikelite DS125 flash with flash strobe arm and cable. 2x PeliCase to store everything safely and neatly and much acecoire programs. The photos will follow. The set does not need road so no nonsense bids ! set them together it took more than 5000 Would you like to come and see it's of course possible. With best regards. Max Oudendijk Netherlands
  3. Hi i am looking for an good ikelite housing with or without camera and the same for the lenses en dome ports. I hope somebody can help me. I don't want a old camera housing aim looking for something like a 7d Please let me know Living in France /Corsica
  4. hi do you also have a dome port for the housing? Please let me know
  5. Hi man can you give me a nice price for the housing? An the price for shipping to Corsica and Holland. info@maxoudendijkphotography.com Thanks
  6. Hi Iam looking for a housing for a canon 5dmk1 housing of 550d or 40/50d housing. I you have something please let me know
  7. i have a ikelite housing you gan have it for 100 euro, its need a chek en need to replace the ttl board than is good.
  8. well when he is not interested can you give me a mail with the prices? because iam very interested.
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