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  1. I realize this post is old, but this is one of the best posts I've read on photography- and the technical challenges of underwater added in. This chart is spot on.
  2. Hi All I'm new here and am overwhelmed with information. This is a great community. I am new-ish to underwater, am fully in the snorkeling/free dive camp and have relied on my ewa-marine housing, and been pretty happy with it. Packing/Gear list Bodies: 7d, with either 20d or 30d backup Lenses:Canon 10-22mm 50mm 1.8 I am off to Hawaii last week of Feb, first week of March (likely two full weeks) during prime humpback season. We are staying one week on Oahu, and likely the second week on Hawaii. We're definitely doing the Kona night Manta trip, and we're looking at other opportunities to fit in. Anyone done the Kona mantas as a snorkeler? (Camera settings that worked/didn't?) Any 'must' snorkel spots? Am also considering a cage dive for galapagos sharks off the north shore to give it a try. Humpback tours to suggest/avoid? Thank you for ideas- I know the snorkeling, zip-lock bag using type isn't the usual person on here. We all do what we can with what we have, right?
  3. That's refreshing...I'm new on here, but I have run in Cousteau's circles...many folks have a hero adoration for him, and it's nice to know there are those out there who question what he did. (Then again, to put his actions in context, there weren't rules/laws/etc to control what he did...It is hard to judge a pioneer). However, the historic office in Truk tells of several large shipping containers that were shipped out when JC left the lagoon...they bemoan what was lost, and never seen again. Anyway- By the way, I had never heard the "I can teach your grandmother to suck eggs" line- but it appears in a Ren and Stimpy cartoon- not knowing what it meant, it's a pretty hilarious saying.
  4. Aah- right the flash syncs...I can certainly see the corrosion issue there.
  5. I would imagine that most people on here want reefs to survive so that we'll continue having things to see and photograph, but it always irks me that the first post is a "well, they can't possibly mean US! they must mean tourists with point and shoots". I have been all over the world, and can tell you that the fact that you've completed your dive certs nor the fact you invested in a housing means you know anything about conservation, conscientious diving, or much else. I've seen divers trample reefs, kill species, and yes- I can tell you stories about Cousteau that no one else has heard- destroy the environment for a shot, or through negligence. Anyway- be aware of what YOU are doing, tourist or diver.
  6. I'm curious if flooding a housing is bad for the housing, or just the camera? I keep hearing people talk about how their housings (often when selling) have never flooded. I assume that's some tell-tale sign of a good housing that doesn't have an inherent desire to flood every time. Would love to hear the impacts. I have a lot of use with EWA marine bags (so yes, I know flooding is bad), but not with a hard-sided housing. Preparing for Hawaii trip in February. Looking forward to it- it will add to past trips to Fiji, Samoa, Australia, Micronesia, Truk... Thanks for explanations! Mike
  7. Hi folks- new here- not new to photography. I've had good luck having photos published by a number of places. I've had some good luck with ocean/and underwater, but looking to move past my EWA marine housing. Currently shooting with 20d, 30d, 7d...whole host of lenses. Looking forward to finally being able to post on here- took a while...
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