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  1. I just received Mr Grouper's Sigma 15mm fisheye. Lens was just as described in mint condition.
  2. If one wants to know many might out there, a good place to start is scubashooters.net
  3. Should you find a way to actually make a living off of selling underwater imagery - Keep it a secret! Because if you don't, then soon everyone else will have the the secret and it won't be a secret anymore and you will be back where you started. Inspiration and innovation is the mother of invention. Actually it’s just a mother.
  4. I’m quite happy with my 13 R-UW, which was the only lens I really wanted from that line. The 28 as I foresee does not meet any of my needs. Sorry about you being forth in line;)
  5. Sorry John, but you will have to get in line as there are three ahead of you with one of them a part time dive buddy.
  6. John, considering that fact that what you are looking for is very rare do to not that many have been made by Seacam, to find an owner willing to part with it, lets say you would be better off trying to get added to the will. If you really want to get one, do like the rest of us have done, acquire the Nikonos RS lens you want (there are a few on eBay) and send it to Seacam to make the conversion.
  7. To put it bluntly, it serves as my primary lens underwater with my Nikon D850 for wide angle. On occasion, for doing things like splits I use either my Sigma 15mm fisheye or my Nikon 18-35 f/3.5-4.5
  8. There are a few Nikon R-UW AF Fisheye Nikkor 13mm f/ 2.8 for Nikonos lenses available bay, which is where I found mine.
  9. For what it's worth, I just received an email from Retra that "we are now entering the final phase of the new Retra Flash production. We expect the majority of pre-orders will be sent out in the second half of October."
  10. It's now Sept 12th, has anyone received notice of shipping yet on their preordered Retra strobes?
  11. Most likely not, as Nauticam's port mounts are much bigger in diameter than even Subal's type 4 mount. For most port adaptors to work, it typically needs to be the other way around with the port's mount being the smaller to the housing you're hoping to mate it to.
  12. I would wager a guess that back when Nauticam was pretty much the new kid on the block in the world underwater housings, it was a brilliant tactical and strategic move on their part to offer port adaptors for other manufacturer’s ports. This way, when somebody wanted to make a jump to a different housing, they didn’t need to start all over again with new ports. Now that Nauticam is the most popular housing in use today, matched with a pretty extensive line of ports and underwater optics, the need for adaptors for third party ports is no longer necessary. I am just dam glad I got my Seacam port adaptor when I did, or I would have been screwed after getting my Nikonos R-UW 13 converted by Seacam.
  13. Having just taken a look on Nauticam’s website, it appears that they done away with al their N120 port adaptors Aquatica, Nexus, Sea & Sea, Seacam, Subal ports to Nauticam housings. That’s a move I didn’t expect to see.
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