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  1. Hi Nick. Been a long time... Vee-Hive (and, indeed, all other DirectShow-based video applications) don't support *any* media formats by themselves. They are all reliant on DirectShow filters being developed and made available for Windows, i.e. if you have the right filter for the job installed. then Vee-Hive can play anything. I always recommend (and check for its presence when the program is first run) LAV Filters as a one-stop shop for this purpose; LAV is truly a great, modern filter set for Windows and is actively maintained.
  2. Nick (and whoever else is interested) I've made good progress with migrating a MM Library to Vee-Hive. We should talk....
  3. Yes, it is time-consuming but presumably you know how to tag many videos at once?
  4. Update: I was eventually able to re-create the crash you described; it occurs when the mouse is down on the crumb-bar and then moved. Fixed in v1.8.5
  5. wrt your m2t files, successful playback and thumbnail generation is governed by the DirectShow filters installed on your system. How are you setup in that regard? Such files play fine on my XP SP3 system, btw... As far as your other questions are concerned, they are all answered (via) here, I believe: http://videophile.freeforums.org/index-of-content-t50.html and http://videophile.freeforums.org/where-did-my-files-go-t493.html But, briefly, as I am just about to go out: - You tag files by drag/dropping from the Browser to the Tree - you did the opposite, which is how you view files with a given tag! - You exit HTPC mode via the short-cuts denoted on the 'View' menu, i.e. F10 As far as the crashes that occur when clicking 'View 1' etc, these are not actually intended to be clickable and I cannot recreate the crashes. We'll need to explore this more, preferably at my forum....
  6. Yes, please, I'd like to see a library that contains thumbnails as it isn't apparent, from what I have thus-far seen, where they might be stored. As an update to my previous comments, I have discovered that I can distribute MS Sql Server with Vee-Hive but this appears to be an over-kill solution that would bloat my own software package and introduce potential support issues for me. As such, it is not something that I wish to do. However, there may be scope to create a separate stand-alone program whose sole function is to perfrom Library conversion but I haven't really (read 'at all'!) thought this through. It would most likely entail my leaving the installation and set-up of Sql Server to the end-user, though, and that (as I have learnt) is not straightforward... Anyway, I'll leave you to play with Vee-Hive. Ask here if you have questions - the user manual is pretty poor and largely out-of-date; being a typical developer, I keep putting-off a proper re-write...
  7. Back with some news... Attempted to install SQL Server Express 2005 but my machine wasn't having any of it. Not a problem, I thought, as I imagined there'd be loads of freeware programs that could read the format: Sadly this was not the case. However, I did manage to find a pretty poor program that sort of did the job and it was enough for me to see enough of the structure and content of your video library to not anticipate any migration problems to Vee-Hive from a purely 'mapping' point-of-view. btw, your Library did not appear to contain thumbnails based upon what this program showed me but I'd have thought from the file-size that they are there? Please confirm... Anyway, the up-shot of my current findings is that I suspect that (due to licensing issues, though I cannot yet confirm this), it will not be possible to incorporate 'import' functionality directly into the Vee-HIve interface. However, that is not to say that a migration 'method' (comprising several tools and probably some manual tinkering) cannot be established. But, because of the nature of that method (already alluded to), it strikes me as something that I could only really offer as a service. That is not me trying to squeeze revenue from the situation, let me assure you. Rather, it is the weighing up of the issues that cannot (perhaps) be overcome versus the time and effort of making the attempt. Once one factors in the number of users who require this functionality as a percentage of all Vee-HIve users, that is the only conclusion that I am able to draw when viewed from my perspective. I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear but these are the facts as I currently view and understand them, though there are a few more avenues left to explore...
  8. Thanks for clarifying those points wrt MM and also for the zip - I'll have a play over the remainder of the weekend. Vee-Hive has a SQLite backend (https://www.sqlite.org/)
  9. No side-track at all, Nick Your links were very interesting.... With regard to your wish-list, I scanned it rather quickly and, presumably, you are aware that Vee-HIve has no functionality that permits it to integrate into a NLE package(?) so I won't dwell on those aspects. However, the program does support custom context-menus that could, I suppose, assist with such functionality (assuming that the NLE supports appropriate command-line functions). At the end of the day, the program was developed as a general, stand-alone media manager so is not ultra-strong in that area.... The ease-of-use elements of your wish-list are, I believe, largely already present in Vee-Hive but it is yours (and others) opinion in this regard that matters, of course. All feedback and suggestions are welcome, particularly from those managing very large collections as you guys here appear to be.... As far as market presence is concerned, I am all-to-aware that Vee-Hive isn't widely known about; I didn't originally develop it as a commercial application and have no budget for advertising and so forth. I'm also aware that it is very cheap. Part of the reason for this is that I have yet to write a proper user manual and I also lack the ability to guarantee its usability across a myriad of operating systems and machine configurations. Being a sole developer, I lack the hardware for such testing, I'm afraid. I do believe, however, that there is no comparable application with the search power of Vee-Hive. In many respects it's a sledge-hammer for cracking nuts, at least that is what it is to the vast majority of my users whose Libraries are pretty tiny. To you guys, it may be the sledge hammer you need to crack an, erm, giant nut! As far as your migration question is concerned, I observe from your thread that MM stores its data in an MS SQL Server database. That being the case, I see no reason why an 'Import to Vee-Hive' function cannot be developed. As a matter of fact, your screenshots allayed one of my concerns that the tag structure in MM might not be compatible; it turns out that the structure in Vee-Hive could acommodate a translation quite easily. I would add to that Vee-Hive can further enhance that structure since it supports the concept of 'tagging tags' via links and synonyms. Perhaps you could make an MM file available to me via a file host and I can take a look at it?
  10. Hi guys, particularly Davide... I am the author of the program with the naive GUI to which Davide refers ;-) Don't worry - I didn't create an account here because I'm offended! I actually love underwater footage as I am a big fan of wildlife documentaries in general and stuff related to the ocean depths in particular. I find it odd that we are trying to conquer space before we can get to the bottom of our oceans! But even that is not why I created my account.... No, I am actually interested in the potential size of the Library that Davide is creating. I have created a Library of around 17 thousand videos for testing purposes but his will be the largest real-life library that I am aware of, using Vee-Hive. Because of that, I'm quite keen with helping him with the classification side, sharing my knowledge with speeding up the process and getting feedback on the performance side. Interested? PS Half-way through typing this it occurred to me that it might have been more appropriate to PM Davide so sorry if I've side-tracked your chat!
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