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  1. I have for sale a brand new, never used Gates Underwater housing for a Panasonic POV HCK10 Camera Head with a Gates GP25A Wide Angle Port and a sealed 10 feet (3meters) long Panasonic cable plus a pole adaptor. If you have the Panasonic HCK10 camera head and the HMR10 recorder unit this is a great way to have POV underwater shots and watching the footage topside on the HMR10 unit and being able to controll all the recording setups on the topside. I purchased this package for some sequences for a film that finally never happened so actually the gear has never saw any water, I just opened to take these photos for the sale. Backscatters didn't want to take it back as I ran out of the return time and they suggested to try to sell it here on wetpixel. The price I paid was $2668 (I can show the original invoice). I sell it for $2300 or best offer + shipping. I am based in Florida but I travel between Europe and the USA frequentley so I can ship the gear from either locations. I am considering to sell with it my used Panasonic HCK10/HMR10 system with a 65ft (20m) cable which I still use on topside. Depends on if somebody is interested. (Please note there is no underwater housing for the HMR10 recording unit as that would have been used on topside connected with the 10ft/3m cable). Thanks. email: zoltan@wildtales.net
  2. Hi, I am a wildlife filmmaker from Hungary living in Florida for a while. Just signing up for selling gear.
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